Monday, July 9, 2012

Terrain - Mysterious Forests, Quad Autocannons, and more!

With the advent of 6th edition, there are tons of new terrain types and rules which really piqued my interest and got me foraging through the Closet of Doom to see what I could unearth and add to my painted terrain collection. My local gaming group gives me grief about the fact that the vast majority of my terrain is urban themed, so it was high time to work on a couple stands of trees!

The Aegis defense lines and bastions each come with the option to buy a quad autocannon emplacement, and as I had several built and primered it was a simple thing to give 'em a quick drybrush and wash to get them table ready. As they're usable by more or less any faction, I decided to leave them very simple and generic so they'd fit in with whomever happened to be firing them at the time.

Lastly I knocked together a couple pieces that could be used as generic objective markers, or as scatter terrain with specific rules. From left to right, an ammo dump, a comms relay and an Imperial shrine. Each of them are useful in their own way, and add a little visual pop to the battlefields!

Working on little terrain projects like this provide a nice break between painting unit after unit of an army, and helps keep the creative juices flowing! Now back to the grind...


  1. Very nice work; I particularly like the autocannons. I haven't bought any of the defence line sets - did you convert the mounts, or are they from the box?

  2. Thanks!

    The mounts are actually from the Bastion kit sprues, rather than the defense lines kit. I'd picked up one of the "Imperial Strongpoint" sets back when they first came out, which had two bastions and two(?) sets of defense lines in it. Now if I could only find the Icarus Lascannons - no idea where they ended up...

  3. Looks nice! I had to repurpose some kit-bashed autocannon dreadnought arms for my quad gun. The originals were on my converted Hydras.

  4. Really nice pieces of terrain there. I especially like the last little objective markers, they will be very useful to denote the special objectives like the skyfire nexus and sabotaged objectives.