Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Imperial Guard - Re-engaging with the army

With the World Eaters coming to a close, I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. The long-term intent has been to paint up a Heresy era army for each of the "Big Four" traitor legions - the Thousand Sons, the World Eaters, the Emperor's Children, and the Death Guard. However, I'm finding myself rapidly tiring of painting space marines and I've decided that since the next Tempus Fugitives event (for which the Heresy era armies are designed) isn't for another ten months, I have plenty of time to work on something else for a while. The weekly painter's challenge going on over at Dark Future Games has got me looking through all the shelves of half-to-unpainted models and the guard jumped out at me. ...Literally, one of their boxes fell of the shelf and I had to catch it before it started an avalanche in the Closet of Doom!

I pulled out all the models that have been built for the Mordian 7th Regiment, D Company to see what there was to work with. It has been well over a year since I've even looked at the models, and I was somewhat surprised at how little there actually was left to paint. Just a medium-sized infantry platoon and a couple tanks!

First things first - as I'd mentioned in a prior post, the Beastmen had gotten their base colors blocked in earlier in the week, so I finished them off. These would be my entry for this weeks Kill Point challenge over at DFG, and I'm quite looking forward to fielding them soon!

While I was at it I began re-basing some of the models from the previous rendition of the Mordian 7th, in order to get them to match up with the current theme. Thargadd's Thumpers, the Ogryn squad got the treatment first. The Ratlings and Psyker battle squad are up next - plenty of abhumans and such in the 7th, no wonder they are looked at askance by many other Imperial commanders!

Still lost in the depths of the Closet of Doom are a number of un-assembled Chimeras in boxes as well as a Rapier Laser Destroyer. The army feels a little light on tanks, which is something I'll need to rectify. Another couple Leman Russ battle tanks and perhaps a new Macharius as a centerpiece for the army aren't completely out of the question...

The advent of 6th edition has seriously rekindled my enthusiasm for the game, and since the Guard have always been my first love, I think it's high time I started working on them again!


  1. Love the beastment abhumans. I'm still waiting for my copy of the rulebook in the mail. But I feel after I read it I'll be updating some old favs like you are :)

  2. Huzzah! More renegade I...G...wait, what? Those are LOYALIST Beastmen?

    You Loyalist scum...

    lol, looking good (despite their misguided allegiance)!

  3. Thanks folks!

    @LuckyNo.5 - Indeed, the new book really reignited my hobby interest. Looking forward to seeing what wild and crazy projects you get up to in the new edition!

    @Da Masta Cheef - Haha! The Mordian 7th goes way back to the RT days when beastmen were still considered loyalist. I do like the blurb in the 6e book that suggests they are being purged as heretic scum. With all the abhumans, psykers and general ne'er do wells in the 7th, they're just a hair's breadth from being considered heretics themselves!

  4. Love them all - especially the Medusa! I remember that came up on a Google search about a year ago, when I was looking for some inspiration painting mine up. Really nice work. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Guard shape up on the field in 6th; I'm taking mine on their first game soon. And I'm still in love with the Beastmen (not literally)

  5. This is great! I love the abhumans as they add the kind of flare that I like to see in a guard army! I am very happy to see where this goes.

  6. I appreciate the kind words!

    @Colonel_Scipio - I'm hoping to field the guard soon, deep striking Medusa emplacement ahoy! :)

    @Old School Terminator - I'm jazzed to add some more abhumans to the glorious 7th as well. I know there are some Squats from back in the RT era lurking in boxes in the Closet of Doom somewhere, and the suggestion of other abhuman strains in the 6e book have got me thinking about interesting conversion potential, too!

  7. Those Beastmen turned out great.
    The army pic showing all you've got/done is inspiring stuff.

  8. and: Regarding other types of abhumans - 7 strains of Ogryn!?!? I hope they delve into that idea some more for us.
    Codex Ogre Kingdoms in space for the future maybe? :P

  9. Love the beast men! It's about time we started seeing their scruffy hides again in an IG army.

  10. Very Cool .. I totally understand the need to mix it up! .. keeps me painting when I get burned out. 8)

  11. Thanks folks!

    @Dai - I was wondering about the multi-strains of Ogryns as well. The "Grey Ogryns" is intriguing!

    @Admiral Drax - Hah! It's well past time for me to work on the guard again, no doubt! :)

    @#2501 - Absolutely! No school like the old school, I say!

    @Todd Sherman - You betcha! Having a couple different projects to work on definitely helps when Army Painter's Fatigue sets in. Of course, it can become an issue when there are four, five, six or more other projects too... Heh.

  12. I'm loving your Beastmen. I'm working on a kitbash for some at the moment.