Sunday, October 6, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Proteus Land Raiders built

After a nice soak and scrub, I managed to get the pair of Proteuseses built! I was reasonably pleased with how the kits went together. I built one to completion first to see how it worked and beyond a reasonable amount of hot-water bending I found it to be relatively painless.

The only thing that I found it that you're better off starting attaching the tracks to the upper side and work down, which allows for any track trimming (of which there was some) is at least hidden on the bottom of the tank.

I did add magnets to the side sponsons for ease of painting and transport. While the attachment is far more robust than the original plastic kit's single thin post, I'd much rather they pop loose than break off when they are inevitably knocked about in gaming.

Definitely looking forward to painting 'em. ...Of course, one could argue that they're about half done already. Hah!


  1. They look pretty rad! Quite an impressive to feat to have assembled them so quickly. The tracks look nice, they would have been my biggest concern building the kit. I admit I was pretty pleased to see that the Sicaran Battle Tank just had them attached, he he.

    What do you plan to assemble next?

  2. Damn you got those built fast. I built one before and it was a pain in the ass, but a very cool kit regardless.

  3. Glad you found them easy to build - I've heard some of the kits with the retro style tracks are a pig to assemble.

  4. @Godwyn Fischig: They went together surprisingly quickly, there really aren't all that many parts to the kit. I'm in a holding pattern on the infantry until the next box of joy arrives, so it's probably off to the paint table with the Phobos!

    @The Eye of Error: I've heard that, and was worried that it was going to be a rage-inducing excercise but with a lot of dry fitting and hot-water bending they went together quite well. The tracks were the only thing that really gave me trouble.

    @Sir Tainly: From what I understand the Spartan's tracks leave much to be desired! Here's hoping the rest of the army will be relatively easy to assemble!

  5. Cracking stuff! Really love these Heresy era Land Raiders, very old school. Thanks for the track tip!

  6. The sheer amount of resin you have in this army is frightening, you know that? That being said, I'm jealous ;)

  7. @Headologist: Thanks man! I love the homage they did to the old plastic RT-Era land raiders, it's actually a really well thought out kit as well. By far not the worst FW kit I've ever assembled... *cough*Storm Eagle*cough* :)

    @Miniature Tim: It's not an addiction! I can stop any time I like! ...Right after the next order. Or maybe the one after that. Definitely after they publish the Prospero book. ...Maybe. Hah!