Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Imperial Guard - Apocalypse at Feast of Blades 2013

Massive picture dump today! My buddy Dave and I attended Feast of Blades this past Saturday and threw down the glorious 7th in a massive apocalypse battle that raged all day. At any given time there was about 12-15,000 points on a side, with players coming and going throughout the day. Overall the Mordian 7th was hopelessly outclassed and they were blown off the table quickly and brutally. We were allowed a sort of 'meatgrinder reserves' and as such the overall attrition rate of the army hovered somewhere around 300% with units coming on in one turn and being annihilated in the next, only to repeat the following turn! Here's some shots of the chaos from the event:

Phew! That's a lot of pics! All in all a fun time even though the guard were butchered to a man (several times over). While it was amusing to plonk all of the guard down on the table, it was rather obvious that it's not a viable Apocalypse army. Good times nonetheless!


  1. Awesome! That's more boots on the ground than many a game of epic!

  2. Now that is bloody impressive, love it. Would love to play a game like this, seems like damn good fun.

  3. Love seeing these, would never play one though. At this scale.... just too much. :)

    Did that Warlord even move from that spot at all during the game?

  4. Defeated or not, that's an epic game! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. @Phil Morris: It was definitely fun to bring out the whole regiment!

    @Headologist: Good times were had (even though the guard got butchered), not something I'd want to do all the time, but definitely fun as a one-off!

    @Dai: After a couple hours, it did start to lose its lustre, but it definitely was a spectacle to behold. The Warlord didn't move at all while we were there, but with its absurd ranges, it didn't really need to! :)

    @Colonel Scipio: Aye, it was a classic case of "we just have to hold on long enough for the Space Marines to arrive and take all the credit!" Hah!

  6. Really good to get Your teeth into an Epic sized Battle- win or be defeated it does not matter - just to be involved in the Apocalypse is reward enough. Great Post. Regards. KEV.