Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Sicaran painting in progress and Praetor build

Made a little more headway on getting the Sicaran battle tanks painted, got the edge highlighting done and started blocking in the areas which will be white on the weapon housings and icons and put the first brown on the tracks to help define them a bit. So far so good!

Not sure if it needs more white, I'm considering doing the sensor housing on the front of the turret in white as well, though that sort of goes against the "weapon housings in white" theme I've been going with so far. Thoughts?

Started building the legion praetor as well - Iron Father Vladek Kraal. Pretty straightforward build using the FW praetor in Cataphractii terminator armor and the thunder hammer from a modern era terminator. The servo arm came from Bitspudlo, and I'm planning on replacing the hammer head with one from MaxMini once my friend Dave's order arrives and I can pinch one from him.

The army is really starting to come together now - I'll snap a couple army pics soon to see how it all looks laid out so far!


  1. First, nice simple conversion! Very effective. Second maybe some cog teeth type on on one or two places on the tanks. Nothing fancy (given the legion), but something simple and quick to do Like you did on some of your mechanicus cohort.

  2. Tanks are looking great!

    Sensor housing looks fine as is. No need for more white imo.

    Praetor is dead sexi! Very nice posing of that servo arm!

  3. Great work Mordian! I love those models and the WIP paint looks really awesome.

  4. Looking good man. Those tanks look like the mean business. The Tech Marine looks like he's going for the kill shot 8)

  5. @Zab: Thanks! Good call on the cog tooth pattern - I meant to add some of the sections you get with the brass etch plate, but they were a little too small. Some subdued painted on cogs is just what they need!

    @Dai: I appreciate it! I agree on the sensor housing, wouldn't really add much to the overall look.

    @Green Stuff Industries: Thanks! I am loving the Sicaran kit, easy to build and fun to paint!

    @Todd Sherman: Thank you, I find you can never go wrong with a guy blazing away from the cupola!

    Cheers all!

  6. Aw man, so freakin awesome, I can't quite get over how quickly you are able to turn these out, and at such high quality. I can't even keep up posting comments on your work is so swift.

    The take are already looking great. If you don't want to break your thing for only white weapons housing, I think a freehand/stenciled cog or chapter marking would look brilliant on the relatively large surface of the tanks.

  7. Damn you are a fast painter!!!

    Looking great!

  8. @Andy - bG: Thanks man! Aye, they definitely will be getting some cog-tooth pattern here and there.

    @The Eye of Error: I appreciate it! I try and squeeze in an hour of hobby time a day which is usually enough time to paint a couple colors per session - a little bit each day and before long they're all done!

  9. Nice tanks! They look tank-tastic! I can't wait to see them completely finished. Shouldn't be long at the rate you're going!

  10. The tanks look fine and the preator looks fab.