Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Tactical Squads build commences!

The back half of the Forge World order is now inbound, so I spent some time last night clipping, cleaning and starting to assemble the 40 tac marines that will form the backbone of the army.

Laid out the 40 bases (slate style from Back to Base-ix) and started clipping and cleaning all the legs and torsos. The intent is to do two ten man squads with extra close combat weapons, and one twenty man squad with basic bolters.

The two ten-man squads will primarily be shown carrying bolt pistols and chainswords, with their bolters on slings (once they arrive). I'm planning on picking up a couple packs of the Iron Hands Legionaires they showed off to use as sergeants in the squads (hence the empty bases here and there).

The twenty-man squad is just torsos and legs so far, I'm holding off on adding arms until the Phobos-pattern bolters arrive and I can see how the arm spacing/leveling needs to go.

So far so good, though!


  1. Wow, that is a lot of resin. Hope you are wearing a mask ;)

  2. Love it. Bring on the resin dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously though, I'm in the exact same boat now, so many FW figures :P

  3. That's a project and a half!

    I try to shy away from that many models at once lest I bog down and get bored of batch painting the same thing forever.

    Good luck!

  4. O it's all very pretty....

    Nice selection of poses thus far sir.

  5. @Zab: Indeed - resin dust can be nasty stuff. Safety first!

    @The Eye of Error: You know it! I've been loving watching your Sons of Horus come together, it's definitely keeping me plugging away on my Iron Hands!

    @TheAmbit: It's gonna be a bit of a slog I'm sure, but given a couple new Horus Heresy audiobooks (and perhaps a stiff drink) they should be done in no time!

    @Dai: Thanks man! I definitely try to get as much dynamism and realism in the posing as I can in the build stage, definitely helps the overall look in the end!

    Cheers all!

  6. Just, wow.

    With your speed of building and painting, this juggernaught army already feels sort of like it has inertia.

    How kool is that ?!?

  7. Where do you find these models I looked on forge world but cant find them, you seemed to have gotten me into the fw models ;)

  8. Happy to see this one coming along nicely :-)

  9. Machining through them - oh the puns just keep rolling.

    Have you been repositoning some of the legs - it looks like a few have been moved to 90 degree positions on top of rocks?

  10. @Zzzzzz: I hope so! I only have two and a half months to get it built and painted at this point. Eep!

    @Rees Darvill: They are the Mk. III Iron Armour sets found under the Horus Heresy dropdown menu:

    @Stephen: Thanks! Much more to come!

    @Frothing Muppet: Hah! I've done a few really minor leg changes here and there. Mostly just cutting at the hip joint with a jeweler's saw and rotating one leg slightly so it sits a little better on the slate. Only had to do that with a couple models though, for the most part they were ideal right off the sprue!

    Cheers, all!

    1. Cheers, love the blog by the way, wish I could paint half as well as you do