Thursday, October 3, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - So it begins...

A big ol' package showed up on my doorstep this afternoon - the first Box O' Joy has arrived!

I love the smell of fresh resin in the morning. Smells like... Victory!

Got everything laid out and verified that it's all present and accounted for - pulled out the two Proteus Land Raiders and have them in the soak as well. Hope to get them put together tomorrow night and jump in on the painting this weekend!


  1. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Yeah.......

    Have fun!

  2. Before you know it our little blogging clique we have formed will all be running around with Heresy stuff. I am getting back on the Iron Warriors, you have the hands and the Mechanicus, Chris Vinton is busting out the new Night Lords stuff soon and even good old EoE is going down my favorite route (now that FW has established a great color scheme) ... the Sons of Horus!

    1. That isn't really all that surprising though. FW are turning out amazing products, capturing a period most of us who have been in the hobby for any length of time have been desperate to game, and with models that are a step up on what their parent GW produce (IMO). Add that they aren't even that much more expensive with all the price rises and it's amazing not more people are doing it.

  3. For some unknown reason I had the idea you were trying to paint up stuff you already had, and not buying new pieces :D

  4. So.
    That must be such a great yet terrifying sight.

  5. @The Eye of Error: You know it! Can't wait to dive in!

    @TJ Atwell: Awesome - always been a huge fan of the Iron Warriors, can't wait to see more of 'em! Have you looked into the Heresy weekender we're setting up in January? Four locations across the nation, we're all gonna be getting our Heresy on!

    @Malduran: Hah! Yes it is!

    @Manus: Yeaaaaah, I was doing so well, too. Every so often ya gotta splurge, though! :)

    @Andy - bG: Totally! It definitely seems like they're creating stuff designed to appeal to the old-school gamers these days. I'm loving it! I'm amused by the fact that doing 2000 points of FW resin isn't all that more expensive than GW plastics these days, too!

  6. Damn. I'm waiting for Dark angels to jump on the HH hobby wagon -even though i just ordered book 2. Although, now you can play any legion and claim to just be loyalist faction which is pretty cool. I love the Alpha and the night Lords too. Lordy, look at all the resin...

  7. well, someone is going to have fun! cant wait to see these guys

  8. You mean Victory smells like cancer too???? O_o

    Regardless, that's a mound indeed. Get stuck in my man!!!

  9. @Zab: Indeed - looking forward to seeing what they do with the First Legion! Nice thing about the Alpha Legion, you can paint 'em up as whatever legion you want, they're Alpha Legion underneath. Naming them is easy too. ;)

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Absolutely! Going to be spending time this weekend gluing my finger together, no doubt!

    @Dai: Hah! A good dust mask is a MUST when working with resin, no doubt about it!