Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Falchion painting in progress, part 1

The Falchion arrived earlier in the week, and I've been quite eager to get painting! Last night I got the main red of the hull completed and as the last step in the red involves a heavy Baal Red wash, left it overnight to dry.

I made a minor modification to the design and added a pair of magnets in the main barrel so it is removable for transport and storage. It will also help prevent breakage in the event that the barrel is knocked around during a game.

This morning I was able to start blocking in some of the other base colors. Boltgun Metal for the tracks and various detail bits, the medium grey on the legion symbols, and the first of the green for the various glowing pipes and runes.

So far so good! Still a lot of work to do of course, I'm hoping to get some more time to work on it this afternoon, if all goes according to plan!


  1. This will look fantastic when it's done.

  2. This is going to look absolutely awesome once finished! (not that it doesn't look great now!)

  3. Coming along nicely. I'd have done exactly the same thing with magnetising the main weapon.

  4. Thanks very much, folks! More updates soon...

  5. Wow looks awesome! those resin add on parts really blend well with the design and the glyphs are looking good.

  6. Hey man! Nice work on the tank. I was directed over to here from the BoLS forum. I would really like to know which red you used as a base coat, and if you could go into the details of the subtle highlighting effects too, that would be great.

  7. Thanks!

    I did a rundown of how I do the red in a post here:

    Short version:

    1) Dark Flesh basecoat
    2) Red Gore drybrush all over
    3) Blood Red drybrush on the upper surfaces
    4) Wash with Baal Red

    Easy peasy!