Monday, January 16, 2012

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Painting in progress for the last of the 2000 point army

With the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor event rapidly approaching, I pulled out all the models that remained to be painted and set to work over the weekend. With my buddy Dave cranking out his Blood Angels, I couldn't let him get done before me (especially after giving him so much grief over the last few years about not painting)!

Pretty good forward motion so far - 10 Tac Marines, 5 Terminators, Ahriman and three objective markers are all up to the same state now. There's really not all that much left to be done, the metal on the weapons and the various shading and detail on the power/force weapons, some skin tones and various other bits of detailing. Getting close now!


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  2. Thanks! I've actually been following your blog for a while. Really been enjoying the resin casting walkthroughs you've been doing!