Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Magnus the Red complete

While looking around for something (anything) to do rather than finish up the very last little tiny bit to do on the 2000 point army I'm taking to the Tempus Fugitives event in March, my eye fell upon the Primarch of the Thousand Sons, Magnus the Red. He, too, was partially painted, so it wasn't a big deal to get him finished up, and snap a couple pics of him alongside the recently-completed Sekhmet:

Magnus is described in the various novels as being a giant, even among his fellow Primarchs, and the model certainly doesn't skimp on the size. I ended up having to mount him on a 60mm base, and he's almost 75mm to the tip of his axe! He makes even the massive Sekhmet Terminators look tiny.

I tired to give him a ruddy, reddish skin tone, which turned out all right. Originally I'd painted him up with white robes and red runic script, but they just looked terrible so I did a little repaint and swapped the colors for red robes and white scripts which ended up looking a little better. I also went with a nice big wolf pelt cloak to tweak the nose of our local Space Wolf player. All in all, it's not my favorite Primarch model that's out there, but it's what was available. He won't be part of the army I'm taking to England, but nevertheless it's good to get him done and out of the way!

The rules that I'm using for him are from the Age of the Emperor expansion pack available from the Tempus Fugitives site here:

The Primarch Magnus the Red, the Crimson King
10 4  6 6 6 6 4 10 1+/4++

Upgraded Unit Type: Heavy Infantry

• Primarch Armour (The armour provides a 1+ armour save [remembering that a roll of a 1 is always a failure], the Relentless special rule and a 4+ Invulnerable save.)
• The Red Staff (Master crafted force weapon)
• Psychic Hood

Ever Onwards! Magnus can never capture or contest an objective. For him the road to victory rolls ever onwards.

Titanic Might: Such is the power of the Primarch Magnus that he may re-roll all failed rolls to wound with close combat and shooting attacks.

Loss of Control: Should Magnus be slain, a psychic shockwave pulses from the fallen Primarch and his body is magically transported away from the battlefield. The effect on his army is devastating. All Psykers on the battlefield (friend and foe) suffer Perils of the Warp. Beware: The flesh-change affects the Thousand Sons as normal.

Special Rules
• Fearless
• Independent Character
• Eternal Warrior
• Relentless
• Master Psyker (C:SM pg 86)
• Gift of Prescience (C:SM pg 86).
• Surprise Attack (C:SM pg 85)

Psyker Mastery Level X: Knows all Thousand Sons and Librarian psychic powers. Automatically passes all psychic test and cannot be affected by devices that affect psychic powers.

Channel for the Warp: Magnus may cast up to four powers each turn. Each power may be used only once per turn, and only a single power may be used in the assault phase. Such is Magnus' capability that he can use more than one psychic shooting attack per turn; all of which must be directed to the same target.

Cyclops: Because Magnus has a single eye, his lack of depth perception means that even with his post-human abilities he has a Ballistic Skill of 4 and may not re-roll to hit with any shooting attacks.

So he's a beast on the table top, but is a massive liability to the army should he be slain. As it should be, I suppose!


  1. Whoa, what a monster!!!!!!!!!

    Is it just for show or have you figured out a stat line for the Primarch?

    Amazing work as always man, I love your army.

  2. Thanks very much! I'm using the stats from the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor expansion pack, I'll add 'em to the post...

  3. Forgive me if I gush a bit but that is one of the absolute best models I have seen on any blog, bar none.

    Again, the attention to detail is spectacular. The cuneiform on his cloak is pure win and in comparison to the terminator models, Magnus truly is something greater than them all.

    I'm reading The Outcast Dead right now and I just got past the part when Magnus breaches the psychic wards on the Imperial Palace in an effort to warn his father of impending doom. Your model helps me recreate that scene in my mind's eye.


    Have you given any consideration to doing other primarchs? Just for giggles?

  4. Thanks very much - I really appreciate it!

    LOVED The Outcast Dead, just finished it m'self a couple weeks ago. I'm an unabashed Thousand Sons fan (obviously) and I just love their tragic backstory - Magnus et. al. tried so hard to do the right thing (albeit the wrong way) and seeing it all unravel due to the machinations of Tzeentch is just epic.

    Once the Thousand Sons are done I'm kicking around the idea of doing another Heresy-Era army, though what that will be is still up in the air. I'm leaning towards the World Eaters, as Kabuki Models did an absolutely spectacular Angron model that I'd love to paint. Failing that I'm thinking the Iron Hands, as that would tie in well with the Ad-Mech army I'm gathering bits for...

    A while back I painted up Sanguinius, which can be seen here:



  5. I don't know what to say it's just stunning work i'd go as far as to say i'm gob smacked by it's awsomeness.

  6. Okay, so where's that model from??? Looks exactly like the artwork from the Horus Heresy artbooks! which is nice!

    Also, FYI in 40K a roll of a 1 is not an auto fail (unlike in fantasy)... unless the pre-heresy rules pack states otherwise of coruse.

    Finally... I've always liked he idea of pre-heresy world eaters as I feel they'd make a very characterful force...

  7. Thanks very much folks!

    @Blitzspear and John - Aw, shucks! I appreciate the kind words!

    @Oink - The model is from Ronin Miniatures, they did a whole series of primarchs back in the day, but as far as I know they're long OOP.

    The 'fails on a 1' is mostly to show that the Primarch armour is proof against all but the most deadly of fire (AP1 weapons). It's just part of the AotE pack rules.

  8. Holy Cow, that model is huge. I lie the termie squad as much if not more actually. The light colored bases with the similar red trim makes for a great looking squad overall.

    Nice work,
    Ron, From the Warp