Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pictures from the front lines - Dark Eldar vs Imperial Guard

Had a good friend of mine at the house over New Years before he flew back to the other side of the planet. On the 31st we managed to get in a game between the recently painted Dark Eldar (Currently up for auction on eBay here), and a selection of Imperial Guard chosen of equivalent points value. As I wanted to get a game in with all the painted DE, the sides worked out to a nice round 2,336 points. Oddly enough, it turned out to be rather simple to hit that number exactly with the guard list without hardly any wargear fiddling. Crazy!

We didn't bother trying to do a full-on battle report, rather we were just playing it fast and loose and having a good time. Just snapped some pics as things happened, and thought I'd share 'em...

Here's the initial table set-up. It was late afternoon and we were already losing the light, so the pics aren't the best I've ever taken. We went with one of the missions out of the Battle Missions book, wherein the deployment zones were full table halves. Up close and personal from the get go!

Raiders zooming all over the table, trying to get their cargoes deployed before being hammered apart by the guard. Didn't work out that way, and they were all immobilized in the first few turns!

The unit of Ogryns held the middle of the table in the face of withering fire from the Venom and Trueborn. The Roughriders advanced through the trees in an attempt to slay the hellions.

Unable to bring it down in the shooting phase, the Ogryns leapt upon the Venom and destroyed it in Hand to Hand, smashing it to flinders with the butts of their ripper guns. The Crimson King and his retinue vainly attempted to destroy the Devil Dog, to no avail.

The Hellions, backed by the Golden Duke and his retinue of Incubi and Haemonculi made short work of the Roughriders, while on the far side the Wyches were forced to slog their way through a hedge of lasrifle fire.

When all was said and done, only one objective was held and that was in the hands of the Guard. The Dark Kin were down to the two Archons and a single Haemonculus, who withdrew from the field in utter defeat. Nevertheless, good times were had, and really isn't that what's important?

It was a good end to 2011, and I'm looking forward to more fun games in 2012!


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  2. Looks like a great battle, glad to see your rough riders seeing some action! Also the dark eldar look really good.