Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Whirlwind Complete!

Not a whole lot of painting time of late, but I did manage to polish off the Whirlwind "Haathor's Breath" last night, and snapped a couple pictures of it over lunch today. Of course, as is always the case it's only after I've sealed it and am looking at the pictures in the blog post that I realize I missed painting some stuff (in particular the power cables leading to the launcher box). Gah! Guess it's not 100% complete!

Pretty straightforward conversion, using a mix of Chapterhouse kits (for the front plate), Tom McBride's kits (the replacement sides) and a bit of plasticard and a pair of 40mm bases (to make the old-school Whirlwind launcher). I wanted to give it a bit of motion, so I added a launching rocket from the current Whirlwind kit, attached via a bit of steel wire and some greenstuff to make the flames. All in all I'm pretty pleased with it!


  1. A very nice piece of work. The just-launched projectile really sells the whole model.

  2. An old-school Whirlwind! I remember seeing the first step-by-step in an old issue of White Dwarf.

    Aaaah, good times, good times.

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Pete - It definitely needed something to break up the boxy look, glad you like it!

    @#2501 - Exactly what I was going for, figured the old WD version would be just the thing to tie in with the heresy-era force. Finally a use for one of the dozens of square 40mm bases I had lying around!

  4. Ah THAT's what you used! I was scratching my head trying to figure out what those where... I mean, I remember the original used the classic hunter killer missile boxes... but this works just as well (and a lot easier no doubt!)

    very well done!

  5. Very nicely done! I remember making one years ago (1991? before WD plans anyway) using a box some earings came in (my grandmother's IIRC) which I stuck onto the back of a Mk1 Rhino.

  6. That missile exiting the launch tube is EXTREME! Do you mind if I ask how you achieved that effect?

    Also, the totems and texts mounted on the sides of the box launcher adds so much character to the Whirlwind!

    I'm a full on blog lurker and I don't play 40k but these models really make me want to paint something. :)

  7. Thanks very much, folks!

    @Oink - I was thinking about going that route, but I was two 'boxes' shy to do a 4x3 set...

    @Sir Tainly - Nice! That's what I loved about the old days, there weren't kits, so we had to scrounge whatever came to hand! :)

    @Itchy - I appreciate it! The missile came from the current Whirlwind kit, and I drilled out a hole for a long steel pin and added a similarly-drilled chunk of plastic on the inside of the launcher box for it to fit into. The flames are just a blob of greenstuff that I sort of twisted around into a cone shape, then worked in some wavy lines. Not my forte, but it turned out reasonably well once I got some paint on it.

    I appreciate the kind words, everyone!

  8. Brilliant! I remember very clearly reading how to make the whirlwind conversion from a large square base in a very old white dwarf! The missile coming out is also a great touch.

  9. I still have that issue of WD, There were some excellent plans for vehicle builds in the early WD's wish they still did something along those lines but with forge world putting out so much conversion kits and detail stuff i suppose it's not needed.

  10. Oh and excellent build! forgot that bit in my reverie for days past lol.

  11. Fantastic sir! Love the launching rocket!