Friday, May 11, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Chaplains

So the next couple models were actually painted last week, but the machine spirit my pict upload codifier was displeased and needed to be placated. In a bid to continue with the 1-kill-point-a-week painting challenge that Dark Future Games is putting on, I painted up the pair of Chaplains for the World Eaters:

The first one will be joining a 16-strong unit of Berzerkers in a Storm Eagle - his Litanies of Hate will come in handy when they wade in swinging their chainaxes! The other is designed to accompany the Assault Squads - in the Tempus Fugitives lists the Assault units may be 10-man squads with jump packs, or alternately one big 20-man squad on foot, so I magnetized the backpack to allow him to use the standard pack, or utilize a jump pack as the situation dictates.

The plan is to use the GW world eater shoulder pad on the Berzerkers, so Chaplain Rennan wears one as well to tie him in with the unit. He also got a bionic arm from the Forge World upgrade it, and both of them are armed with the heresy-era bolt pistols.

Interesting side note - I'm literally down to the last two models still to paint in the army as it stands. Almost 100% finished! Granted, the model count in the army at the moment is twelve, so it's not like that's any sort of impressive accomplishment. Hah! Still waiting on the Forge World order from nearly three weeks ago for the lion's share of the bits required to actually BUILD any of the rest of the army. On the plus side, the order from DragonForge arrived, so now there are bases galore!


  1. Good choice for World Eaters Chaplins got a nice dynamism to um that i think works with an assulty army.
    Looking forward to seeing what you ordered from FW

  2. Did you sculpt that shoulderpad? That's a great looking effect with the red portion having teeth.

    Ron, FTW

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Ron - nah, it's just the bog-standard metal GW World Eater shoulder pad. I had some knocking around in the Closet of Doom and figured it may be appropriate for the more 'fallen' of the World Eaters in the force...

  4. Looking good, and nice job to be so far ahead with painting the army! Time to do something else before next year! :)

  5. Chaplains in a World Eaters force? Preposterous!

    Just kidding, I realise those are Pre-Heresy. Don't grow too attached to them though, they're in for a nasty surprise once the Heresy starts ;-)

    That said, very nice job on the models! I especially like the legion badge you freehanded on the right one!