Sunday, May 27, 2012

OGRE Miniatures - Basic scenario set painted

My hobby nostalgia got the better of me during the Kickstarter campaign to resurrect OGRE, and I picked up a few boxes of the miniatures they dragged out of the depths of Warehouse 23. Yesterday a few of the gaming group came by my place to teach one of them how to play 40k, and while one of the games was going on I painted these up. The intention was to paint up a set of minis sufficient to run the basic scenarios when the game (eventually) ships - a whole bushel of PanEuropean Alliance armor, and the North American Combine's Ogre Mk.IIIb.

I decided to start off with the basics, which includes the armies and their paint schemes. The PanEuropean Alliance is blue, while the North American Combine is red. I added some dirty white stripes for unit identification and to give them a little more visual pop, and went with a yellow spot color there and there. From primer to completion all this took about an hour and a half. A real nice change of pace from painting 40k!

The mainstay of the PanEuropean force are the swift and nimble GEVs (ground effect vehicles). They are able to make hit and run attacks where they dart in, make an attack, then arrow off out of their opponent's weapon range (hopefully).

The PanEuropeans also draw on vast armored regiments, ranging from the light scout tanks to front line heavy tanks.

Though nowhere near as formidable as the Combine's Ogres, the PanEuropean super heavy tanks are rightly feared. The missile tank, though lightly armored, packs a devastating punch.

The final line of defense is held by the mighty howitzers, lighter guns capable of being mounted on heavy crawlers gives them maneuverability at the cost of power, while the static emplacements are among the strongest weapons in the game.

Aside, of course, from the OGRE! This is a Mk.IIIb, one of the more common and extremely deadly variants to be found on the battlefields of The Last War. It's not all radioactive ash deserts however, and the Ogre occasionally feels the need to a swim (I loved that they include a 'swimming' Ogre model in the kit).

All right - got all that out of my system, the models will now get packed away in the Closet of Doom until November when OGRE ships. That's gonna be a bit of a wait...


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  2. I tell you - your army is terrific! I must have put some serious work into your army. Tell me - what is your army called? What division?
    Mine is the Oregon 265th Marine Lift Division (light armor mixed with specialist infantry). Is all your miniatures in or of the Mordian 7th Regiment?

  3. But on the good news side, assuming you pledged to Kickstarter and actually bought a copy, you'll get yours a whole MONTH early -- in October! Yay!

  4. Thanks folks!

    @HarmlessHamster - Hadn't really picked out a particular country/division for these as yet. I thought I'd start off with some 'generic' paint schemes with PanEuropeans in blue and Combine in Red. I'm half tempted to add a maple leaf to the red and white Ogre and call it Canadian, though!

    The Mordian 7th regiment hearkens back to my 40k Guard army, though I tend to use the 7th Regiment in many of my other armies to tie it all together. Wherever the boys in blue are from, they're very likely to be the 7th Regiment! :)

  5. I have to say your paint jobs are truly unique and beautiful!
    Nice regiment you have there commander!