Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Bezerkers painted

Had a little hobby time and painted up the Berzerkers! Khorne be... Er... I mean The Emperor be praised! After building and painting a bunch of smaller, solo models it was a bit of a chore to batch paint a mess of infantry. On the up side, it's nice to be able to fill in a bunch of squares on the painting chart in green!

In the Tempus Fugitives list the Berzerkers are purchased as a unit of 8, with the option to add a further 8 models to the unit for a total of 16. I was pleased to note that the Fantasy Chaos Marauders box set is also a unit of 16, so I had enough bare arms to kit out the entire unit (though there are occasional power armoured arms here and there). Coupled with the more mutated shoulder pad from GW and a mix of bare heads and torsos they really take on a wild, murderous air. Perfect!

I did allow for the unit to be broken up into two 8 man squads via the helmeted and non-helmeted heads. which helps distinguish them on the table top. The champion was given a cloak from the Marauders sprue and I also went with a double-handed grip on the chain-axe. The axe blades were given a bit of blood spatter, and the boots were given a bit of a going over with some mud wash. I think overall I'm going to keep the blood spatter to a minimum - I may go back and add a bit more on the 'Zerks, but the regular troops will only have about this much. My intent with the army is to do the 7th Regiment, which I see as more adherent to the more restrained ways of the War Hounds (though this unit shows the influence of Khorne is nevertheless gaining a foothold).

I had a rummage around in the "Heads" bin and used a mish-mash of heads from several different kits. There's a couple of somewhat scary and mutated heads as a bit of a nod to the warping influence of Chaos taking root in the unit. After looking over the pictures in their far-larger-than-life size, there are definitely some places that I need to go in and clean up. Isn't that always the way? I think there's a bit more weathering to do before I'm totally satisfied, and the recesses of the whites could stand a bit more depth. I'm also finding that not only is white tricky to paint, but it's also tricky to photograph!

The army is coming along at a decent clip overall - Next up on deck are the first squad of Terminators and Bale. Since they'll all have roughly the same paint scheme and are stylistically similar with their scalloped shoulder pads, it makes sense to do them all at the same time! 6 models will be a nice change from 16!


  1. Liking the bare arms, very Beserker. And you have done a great job with all those freehand Worldeater Pads

  2. Thanks much! It will hopefully help them stand out from the 'vanilla' assault marines I have waiting in the wings...