Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Terminator test build

Not a whole lot of hobby time of late, coupled with the fact that my Forge World order is going into its second week of delay, means that I've not had much progress. I did, however, manage to build the first test model for the first of two terminator squads:

The models are a smorgasbord of companies! The upper torsos were picked up on eBay from irina_est, who also made the torsos on one of the terminator squads in my Thousand Sons army. The massive chainaxe is built from a thunder hammer from the assault terminator sprue and a Forge World chainaxe. The combi-melta comes from Chapterhouse, while the arm holding it is the one that ordinarily carries a storm shield. The replacement fist to fill in for the lack of storm shield comes from the Grey Knight terminator kit, and I was happy to find some super cheap on ebay. The legs are also from the assault terminator box, being careful to only use the ones with full greaves (as opposed to the ones with a separate knee pad) as it's more befitting the era. In addition each of the left greaves will be receiving .050" rivets courtesy of Tichy Train group.  Phew!

There will be 5 terminators in this unit, and they will be in the standard white and blue of the World Eaters legion. The intention is to also do a 7-strong unit of terminator-armored Primarch Honor Guard (known as The Devourers) who will be in red and gold to match their Primarch.

...Of course, I ran out of 40mm bases and had to scavenge one to build this model, so I'm in a bit of a holding pattern on that front. Argh!


  1. Everything looks great on there, well done! The upper torso is exactly what I would expect.

    My only quibble is with the combi-bolter. I would use a storm bolter as the base and marry melta parts to it. It just looks too small in his hand with all the other large parts on the model.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I like the look of these guys quite a bit. Much better than regular, boring looking termies, haha.

  3. Heck yeah Mr. 7's, that guy looks bad to the bone.

    As a fellow lover of corn I whole heartedly approve and am off to slaughter some innocents in my suburb.

  4. I love it, he looks very menacing.

  5. Looks good, very much in keeping with the Heresy vibe!

  6. They are looking awesome. Love old school Termies 8)

  7. All the bits fit together so well you wouldn't even know it's a mish-mash!

  8. Thanks folks!

    @Tallarn - part of that is an artifact of the picture angles. The weapon is about twice as long as a Storm Bolter, but it is narrower being over/under rather than side-by-side. I'll see if I can get some better shots of it as I get some paint on!

    I'm definitely looking forward to getting some paint on him, the roar of chainaxes are sounding in my head. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD... er, THE EMPEROR! :)