Thursday, January 3, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Skullz Tech Priest set, once again

Howdy folks, finally getting around to assembling some of the minis I got for Christmas - this time it's some further additions to the burgeoning Adeptus Mechanicus army that is slowly growing in the Closet of Doom. We're in the midst of the colder part of winter here so there hasn't been any time to primer anything, so for now it's just shots of bare metal.

First up is a set of miniatures that I have now purchased on four separate occasions - the Skullz Tech Priest set. I absolutely adore this set of miniatures - An Archmagos, four Tech Priests, a Magos Biologis and a pair of servitors, sculpted by Alan and Michael Perry back in the mid-90's and available as part of the Skullz limited promotion series.Very happy to have these again, as I sold my last set several years back as part of an Ad-Mech army and I've been kicking myself ever since.

I also managed to get my hands on the White-Dwarf-in-40k miniature that was available a few years back as a reward for ordering a subscription to WD. It's one of those that I've always wanted but never was able to find for a reasonable price. This one showed up for a song and I nabbed it straight away!

I'm hoping we'll get a break in the cold weather so I can get some primer on these and get stuck in!


  1. I feel your pain. I recently switched to Vallejo surface primers. I shoot them through the ol airbrush and vent the over spray into a paint station with fan. Rage at not being able to spray during the winter prompted me to save up and make the switch. Although vallejo primers are self levelling and they do brush on quite well too so you could always try that out on a test mini if the urge to paint is too great.

  2. That ad mech set is gorgeous. If only I had the pennies.
    The popularity of it makes me wonder why gw have never taken advantage and ever released anything admech. The ig tech priest models are as old as the hills now.

  3. Man, you have all of the cool toys...

  4. Love the skullz tech priests, are they available through a vendor or is it ebay where you can find them? They would look very nice with my ad-mech.

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Zab: I haven't taken the plunge into airbrushery yet, but I did give one a whirl at Feast of Blades last October. It may be time to pick one up!

    @Phil Morris: The set can go for a pretty penny, but I managed a relatively decent price on these. I've let several sets go by over the last year as they were a bit too spendy. I have high hopes that FW will be doing some more Ad-Mech based on the few unit descriptions in the recent Horus Heresy book.

    @Da Masta Cheef: Heheh, I do try. :)

    @Agis: I picked these (and the last several sets) up on eBay. I have a standing search for the terms Adeptus Mechanicus and Skullz which often come up with some neat auctions!

    Cheers all!

  6. This set has always been one of my fav AdMech minis GW ever made.

    Am sure you'll do them proud sir.

  7. Ha ha! What a coincidence! I dug my set of these bad boys out this week as well. I even added the White Dwarf too! That being said, I haven't done anything with them other then look at them sitting on my desk. Over the week I have started planning out a small Mech army for them. I even found 3 original Land Raiders (Proteus) in the hell shed which will go with them nicely. I say "Hell shed" because yesterday it was 55 Celsius (about 130 Fahrenheit) in there. Bloody Australian summers :/
    Maybe we should set up a heat exchange.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with these!
    Also, what rules did you run your old Mech army with?

  8. @Dai: Likewise, they are some of the most characterful models they've made. I truly wish that GW would do more with the faction!

    @Col. Ackland: Nice! I love the old original plastic Land Raider, still have one in a box for some future project. You're not kidding about the hell shed, that's brutal! It's been between -18 and 2 Celsius here for the last month straight. Oof!

    I use the Tempus Fugitives Codex: Cult Mechanicus at the moment, but have been experimenting with how to represent them on the table as a counts-as army using GW codexes. At the moment I'm favoring allied Chaos/Necrons as having some interesting possibilities rules-wise to represent the various technologies of the Ad-Mech.

    Cheers, folks!

  9. Beautiful stuff, I have a bit of a collection of Ad mech stuff for a shelved project a while ago, but never got hold of these at the time. It's a shame that GW haven't done any proper releases. Keep up the great work

  10. I'm loving these minatures! The squat especially