Friday, January 25, 2013

Dark Angels - Musing on Adepticon lists...

The army marches steadily towards completion! I need to take some pics of the now-finished terminators, but for now here's a quick snap of the army-in-progress from earlier this past weekend that I neglected to post before:

The scout squads are nearly done as well, a few more touch-ups and the detail work on banners and shoulder pads and they'll be good to go:

So far so good! However, now that I'm getting close to getting the models that I've assembled finished, I'm starting to look at various options for army lists and figuring out if I need to build and paint some other models for the army that as yet are still sitting in boxes. I would certainly appreciate any thoughts, comments or criticisms on the two lists I'm pondering at the moment. First up is the list as shown in the picture:

Adepticon List v1

Grandmaster Belial    190

Epistolary Validus    100
Deathwing Squad Rhamiel (5 Terminators)    245
     Assault Cannon, Chainfist   

Deathwing Squad Gideon (5 Terminators)    245
     Plasma Cannon, 2x Chainfist   

Deathwing Squad Charon (5 Terminators)    240
     Lightning Claws, 4x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield   

Tactical Squad Baradiel (10 Tactical Marines)    185
     Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon   

Scout Squad Temion (5 Scouts)    68
     Heavy Bolter   

Scout Squad Baalakai (5 Scouts)    68
     Heavy Bolter   
Assault Squad Sheol (10 Assault Marines)    185
     Power Sword   

Nephilim Jetfighter    180
Vindicator    135
   Siege Shield   
Total    1841

The intent on this one is to Deathwing Assault Belial and the TH/SS terminators in on turn 1, and "regular deepstrike" the other two terminator squads in turn 2+ to take advantage of his teleport homer. As I'm reading it, in order for them to take advantage of his homer he must have already been on the table at the beginning of the turn, and the Deathwing Assault wording seems to suggest that all of the terminators taking part in the DWA must arrive on the chosen turn (it's not squad-by-squad). This would mean that any other squads that would teleport in turn 1 would not be able to use his homer.

That said, I've also been toying around with an alternate build that drops one of the 5-man squads of terminators and one of the scout squads, consolidates the remaining terminators into a 'deathstar' unit, and changes out some of the troops and heavy support slots as listed below:

Adepticon List v2

Grandmaster Belial: 190

Codicer Validus: 65
Deathwing Squad Rhamiel (10 Terminators): 500
     Assault Cannon, Plasma Cannon, Chainfist, 4x Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield   
Tactical Squad Baradiel (10 Tactical Marines): 195
     Veteran Sergeant, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon   
Scout Squad Temion (6 Scouts): 80
     Heavy Bolter   
Assault Squad Sheol (10 Assault Marines): 195
     Veteran Sergeant, Power Sword   
Nephilim Jetfighter: 180
Vindicator: 135
     Siege Shield   
Whirlwind: 70
     Storm Bolter   
Devastator Squad Leviathan (10 Devastators): 240
     4x Missile Launcher, 4x Flakk Missiles   
Total: 1850

In this case, Belial and the big unit of Terminators would Deathwing Assault on turn 2, once the opponent has begun his maneuvering and the Terminators can be placed to effect maximum carnage. This army list also has a bit more anti-air/light vehicle capability with the Devastators and some further anti-horde with the Whirlwind (which at 70 points is a steal), but forgoes the mass of Troops choices that the first list has. It will mean I need to build and paint another couple units (the Devastators and the Whirlwind), but with as quickly as the army is coming together I don't foresee that getting them done in time would be a problem.

Thoughts and Comments would be most appreciated!


  1. The wings are a nice touch on the scout sergeant!

  2. Looking good! I like the second list a bit more but I think you need to work in another troop at least. All about the Objectives these days. The Missiles would be nice for heavy flier lists and against vehicles as well. People do seem to be running blobs as of late so templates are always nice! Maybe cut out the Assault Squad and go with another Tact with a Rhino for Objective captures. I ran 2 Tacts with Rhinos the last game I played and the mobility had me on all 4 of the objectives by turn 5 and still had 3 of 4 even though the dice kept us going to round 7 sadly haha But play what will be the most fun for you always my recommendation!

  3. Hey Mordian. The army is looking good. The first list is head and shoulders above the second and I think with practice, it will treat you well. Don't get too hung up on belials teleport homer. I would bring them all on most of the time myself. Remember that with your storm bolter range, you can land 24" away and still be effective so you don't have to be super bold with those units. I'm not sure why you have two chain fists in that one squad, but it certainly doesn't hurt.
    Overall I think you manage to put together something really nice while maintaining the rule of cool, which I think makes it perfect.

  4. Looking good. I also think the wings on the scout searg are a nice touch. They def make him stand out.

  5. Thanks folks!

    @Da Masta Cheef: He needed something to Dark Angel him up, seemed to work out about right - though he's already acquired the moniker 'sergeant tinkerbell'. Hah!

    @Todd Sherman: Giving the tac squad a rhino is an interesting thought. I could probably wring the points for one out of the list somewhere. I also have a drop pod lurking in the closet that could find some use... Thanks!

    @Old School Terminator: hat first list also has the added advantage of not having to build or paint anything else. Always a plus! The twin chainfist is mostly just a rule of cool thing - love the way they look, and it's always nice for a little extra anti-tank. Good call on the mass deep strike - the new mishap table isn't nearly as heinous as it was in 5th even if I do scatter wildly. I appreciate the input! :)

    @The Eye of Error: It does help to tie him in to the army thematically - the assault marines are all rocking the sanguinary guard winged jump packs as well. Need to get some pics of those up, come to think of it.

    Cheers, guys!

  6. Looking really good!
    I have to agree with the others, the wings work really well on the Scout Sergeant.
    I'm also liking the Nephilim Jetfighter as well.