Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dark Angels - Belial, and more Deathwing painted

Nearing the finish line on the initial Adepticon army - two more squads of Terminators are ready to deploy! Of course, no Deathwing army is possible without Belial:

Not being a fan of the new finecast version, he's been put together using leftover bits from the Deathwing kit. I have to say I was thoroughly surprised to see how many bits they packed onto those sprues! Took another run at the 'fake reflective' blade, this time in shades of black and grey - Belial's sword is described as being hewn from an onyx-like meteorite so I didn't want to do the standard blue power sword look.

The second 'tactical' squad of terminators got a plasma cannon, and a couple guys with chainfists. I really like the plasma cannon option, with the Deathwing's ability to split fire coupled with the twin-linked fire they get when they deep strike it makes the unit rather flexible.

The squad of assault terminators worked out fairly well. While I love the aesthetics of the Deathwing Knights, they seem a bit underwhelming rules-wise. A 'vanilla' squad of thunder hammer/storm shield bearing terminators led by a sergeant with lightning claws seems a good choice. Both this unit and the one above are a bit of a mish-mash of bits from the Deathwing terminator boxes and spare legs, torsos and occasional arms from the Closet of Doom. When the dust settled, I managed to build 27 terminators out of three of the new kits - quite possible the most points-to-price efficient GW purchase I've made in a long time... Heh.

Next up on the painting desk are the assault marines. So far they're just at the "blocking in the main colors" stage, but I snapped a quick pic anyway. I'm rather pleased with the sanguinary guard jump packs, it definitely ties them in aesthetically with the rest of the army. I'm a little disappointed that the veteran squads can't take jump packs, as I think it would make more sense for these to be a veteran unit, but they'll do just fine as vanilla assault marines too!


  1. Those eye glows are rather menacing. Very cool.

    Bravo for the value for money thing.

    Belial looks super cool in full colour - far better than the official model.

  2. Thanks much, Dai! It was a lot of fun putting all the models together, the Daethwing terminator kit is just chock full of bits!

  3. Great stuff, and love your kit bash Belial, much better than FC version pigeon toe one.

    Assault troops look special too even at this WIP stage. Nice.

  4. Thanks Siph! It was Belial's pigeon-toed look that turned me off of the model as well. The winged assault marines are probably a bit too blinged out, but I'm pretty pleased with the wing motif throughout the army - seems to do the trick!

  5. Yeah I'm definitely liking the kit-bash version of Belial you made rather then that fugly Finecast one. Awesome job on the glowing eyes as well!

  6. Thanks very much! The eyes were pretty simple - I used vallejo's Magic Blue thinned down quite a bit (almost to translucency) and painted it in to the eye sockets, letting a little bit spill out onto the cheeks and eyebrows. Since it was a little translucent, the underpinning color of the helmet shows through a bit. Then it was just a little dot of ghost grey in the middle. Easy peasy!