Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster arrives!

Darn it, I had things to do this week. Guess they won't be getting done any time soon! Heh.

In reality I'm going to be setting this aside until I get the Dark Angels done for Adepticon. I did crack it open and give everything a once-over and thus far I'm relatively pleased. The plastic used on the miniatures feels a little bit sub-par compared to what I'm used to from GW but that's to be expected. I'll do a more in depth review of the game contents at some point in the future - I am excited to start building the models, but there's just too much else to do first!

I did flip through the rule book and the game concept seems to be pretty interesting. The tiles that come with the game are also going to be doing double duty in our sci-fi RPG campaigns! Definitely some cool maps.


  1. You lucky sod! Still waiting for my copy to arrive even though tracking says it's been sat in a local USPS since the 19th....

  2. I'm hearing that a lot of the shipments' tracking numbers were a little wonky. Mine said it shipped on the 10th, and wasn't supposed to be delivered until the 23rd, but then it showed up on my stoop on the 20th. Riiiiiiight.

    Nevertheless, it looks cool and well worth waiting for! I look forward to seeing what you do with your set, I won't likely dive into mine for another few weeks yet (if I can avoid the temptation)...


  3. Kind of with you as far as any potential hobby action with my set. Far too much stuff in the queue to take care of already with the Challenge and my Flames of War commitments. But I'll stick the pieces together and see if I can't convince the wife to play a game or two. (Yeah, right, good luck to me on that one! XD )

  4. That's a game I've been eyeing for a while. Let us know how it plays!

  5. For sure! I've read through the rulebook a couple times now and I'm digging it. I'm hoping to dig into getting the minis put together and painted up soonish - a buddy of mine also picked it up so I'll likely focus on whichever faction he doesn't to start with, and will definitely document the first few games!