Sunday, August 11, 2013

Imperial Guard - Baneblade painting begins

At this point there are only two vehicles left in the guard army, and they're both huge. The Leviathan of course is absurdly big, but the other one is only really large - the Baneblade! I am a huge fan of the Baneblde, and over the course of my hobby career I've built, painted and eventually gotten rid of easily half a dozen. From the old laughably hamfisted attempt to build one out of plasticard using the templates in an old White Dwarf, to the various renditions that armorcast made, through several versions of Forge World's creations to a few of the new plastic GW kit I've loved them all.

The most recent one is a fairly vanilla take on the current plastic kit, with a couple extra banner pole additions, an extra sensor from the command upgrade sprue and a respirator-masked crewman popping his head out of a hatch holding a laspistol. The absurdity of his pistol in relation to all the other weapons bristling on the tank makes me chuckle!

Once it was built and primed black, I started off by giving the tank a drybrush of shadow grey, and started blocking in the panels that will be red - I'm thinking it needs a bit more red around the turrets and main hull. Still a long way to go, but so far so good!


  1. Looking good. I would agree a bit more red would be good.

    Oh and thumbs up, I just noticed some of the 40k posters I did on the wall behind the 'blade, always nice to see someone using them.

  2. The pistol reminds me of a pic of a commander demanding "drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword". Google funny 40k pics and you'll find it! Great model by the way. Always wanted to build me one of those!

  3. @Rictus: Indeed! The posters you did adorn a number of my buildings! Definitely adds a little something extra. :)

    @17yearoldhobbyist: Hah! Totally - I have that one. The plastic baneblade kit is a blast to put together, I highly recommend it!

  4. Oh god, look at all those rivets! Have fun with that o_O

  5. Yeah, a few more red accents and this thing will be the bomb. Good stuff.

  6. Looking good. Maybe some red sections on the sponsons?

  7. This thing is a BEAST! Love it.

  8. @Zab: Totally. I think they're going to have to just content themselves with the drybrush highlight, though I'm planning on going in and weathering all the tanks once I have them all at the same level of done-ness.

    @Dai: Indeed, it definitely needs a bit more to balance it out.

    @Courtney Hollyoake: Aye, I'm torn between the top of the sponsons or the weapon glacis plates (though the weapons themselves will be getting the yellow treatment).

    @Jugger: Absolutely! There are few problems in life that cannot be resolved by running over them with a Baneblade! :)