Monday, August 5, 2013

Imperial Guard - Pask's Vanquisher and Medusa painted

As they were 90% done as of the last post, it was a simple matter to finish off the Vanquisher and Medusa!

Pask got the lion's share of the work - the flag got a little more color and detail, as did his skin and uniform. It turns out I'm apparently out of white 'mordian' waterslides so I went with a name for the tank on the turret instead, taken from a sisters of battle transfer sheet.

Went back and added some more red trim to the Medusa and re-painted the HK missile in yellow to match the rest of the weapons. I do still need to sort out some crewmen for this tank, though - that's been bugging me. In a pinch I can use a pair of gunners from the Medusa Emplacement (which I haven't taken a photo of since re-basing it), after all they're used to firing one! Heh.

While I had the paints out, I did spend half an hour painting up the 'active camo' versions of the MERCs KemVar team. "Painting them" being synonymous with "applying about five colors to the bases", it took virtually no time at all.

I'm planning on playing a couple games of MERCS out at GenCon, and figured I had better finish up the team! My buddy Dave and I threw down a game this past weekend and he did a great write-up about it - Definitely worth checking out!


  1. Ah tanks. The only thing that can reliably deal with that pesky kind of tree you find cluttering up a battlefield: infan-tree o_O

  2. Loving the pask model. Really looks great.

  3. Nice models man. @ Zab: that's a good one. Very funny!!

  4. Liking the Medusa, very swish. And the active camo models are brilliant! I remember when LOTR came out, my local hobby shop owner got a 20mm base and marked it up as 'Special Edition: Frodo Wearing Ring' model for £10. Then some poor kid came in and thought it was real, tried to buy it and everything...

  5. @Zab: Hah! I'm definitely a tread-head, which is the main reason I play guard! :)

    @Malduran: Thanks very much!

    @17yearoldhobbyist: I appreciate it!

    @Colonel Scipio: The Medusa is my favorite artillery piece in the guard army. It's just the business! That's hysterical about the frodo model!

    Cheers all!

  6. I hope they put the active camo KemVar models back up for sale. I'm sad that I missed out on that, they look awesome.

  7. Those guard tanks look really smart, glad you are still working on your Mordians

  8. Excellent work as always Mordian! :) I hope GenCon goes well

  9. @MasterDarkSol: I didn't realize they weren't available anymore, that's too bad. They're super handy in-game to show which models have active armor or not!

    @SirTainly: You know it! The guard will never actually be done - by the time I'm finished with what I have the new codex (and associated models) will no doubt be released and the whole cycle will begin anew! :)

    @Musings of a Smurf: Thanks man! Definitely looking forward to GenCon, I need a vacation in the worst way!

  10. The yellow really makes it pop, looks great!!

  11. @Green Stuff Industries: Thanks very much!

    @Jugger: I appreciate it!