Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Imperial Guard - Thudd Gun painted

Pressing onwards with the guard - one more heavy weapon emplacement complete, this time around it's one of my favorites, the Thudd Gun!

All in all it painted up really quickly. Basically followed the standard vehicle paint scheme - drybrushed shadow grey, then picked out various areas in yellow and red, and boltgun metal for the wheels and barrels. Easy peasy!

The crewmen were painted separately along with the crew for the Macharius Omega (pics to follow), and I went with a mix of cadian and catachan bits to give them a bit more rough-and-tumble look. I figure loading the weapon is hot and sweaty work, so they're down to their undershirts.

I also updated the painting chart to see what all is left to do. Not much, it turns out! Still need to finish up a 5-man platoon command squad, the Rapier, a couple turrets to allow me to field some Salamanders (using the alternate hydra tank chassis), the Baneblade and the Leviathan. I also added in the Fortifications that are lurking in the Closet of Doom. So far only the Skyshield landing pad is painted, but I do have one each of the other buildings/fortifications in various stages of painting. It all adds up to over 7500 points! Holy moly!


  1. 7500 points!! Is that all (almost) painted? Holy crap, that's a lot of guardsmen! A shot of it all together when done would be awesome. If they're all painted to the above standard, even better!

  2. @17yearoldhobbyist: Indeed - Granted, a good 1800 points of that is comprised of two superheavy tanks, four buildings and, well, a moving building of a superheavy tank. Heh. Next up I'm focusing on finishing off the last of the non-Apocalypse units, which will mean that for the first time in over a decade, all of the guard that I have built will be painted all at the same time!

  3. Looks great. Have you had a chance to use them yet in a game? I've been running 3 for the last few games and they are more than worth the points.

    As for more gun crew, I'll be releasing a set through Great White Miniatures at some point so those might be useful if you have more guns to do?

  4. @Sir Tainly: Not in 6th yet, but I loved it in 5th! Interesting news on the gun crew - looking forward to seeing them!


  5. Wow, the ammo for the Thudd Gun seems small to me when compared to the typically HUGE efforts that GW usually likes to model for their big guns?

    Either way, very nice work and to see that painting chart so close to completion, very cool.

  6. @Jugger: Thanks, mate!

    @Dai: Aye, it does seem like they're a little small, comparatively. I need to build a couple loaders for the tracked Medusa, they'll be getting a suitably huge shell to manhandle. :)

  7. Superb.

    There is NOTHING not to like about the thudd gun. My favourite fun thing in 2nd Edition by a loooooong way and still fun now.