Sunday, August 4, 2013

Imperial Guard - Medusa and Pask's Vanquisher

The imperial guard is the runaway result on the poll, so I popped open the painting chart before delving into the Closet of Doom to see what there was to work on.

Not really all that much more to do with the guard. Well, at least not until they get their 6th ed. codex release, at which point I'm sure there's going to be several new additions to the army!

I decided I'd start by knocking out another couple tanks that have been languishing in a primered state for the better part of a year: The Medusa and the command tank for the burgeoning Vanquisher squadron, with my counts-as Pask and his infeasible banner.

I started off by finishing up the red sections, and started blocking in the yellow and metallic areas. After looking at the pics, I'm thinking about going back in and painting the hunter/killer missile on the Medusa in yellow to match the rest of the weapons.

A little more detailing work, finished up the yellow and started adding in the painted heraldry. Once they're painted and sealed, I'll be going back in to add some waterslide transfers as well.

Next up were the tracks, which got the usual dark flesh/leather brown drybrush to match the rest of the tanks. At this point they're about 85% done, a little more work remains before I can seal 'em and add the transfers. Once I have all the tanks in the army up to the same level of done-ness I'm planning on going over all of them and add some weathering effects using some of the sponge and wash techniques I'd experimented with on the Eldar. Looking forward to that!

In other news, the Eldar auctions I have going at the moment are going to be ending in just a few days. Check 'em out here if you're interested!


  1. Looking great. Where did you get that banner and can we get a close up of it? It certainly looks good! Also, kudos to you for putting plenty of yellow on them: it's a hard colour to get right and I usually shy away from it! Well, as much as I can...

  2. @17yearoldhobbyist: Thanks! The banner is from the Cadian command squad sprues, it's the platoon standard as opposed to the company banner that you usually see. Yellow can definitely be tough - on these I started with a couple layers of Hot Orange over the black until it was opaque, then layered on fiery orange and golden yellow. The orange undercoat helps give the yellow a nice warm color that you don't get just painting yellow over black.


  3. Those tanks are looking great! The yellow offers a very stark contrast to the black and dull red; very effective. They are not overly flashy, making them more imposing, which is good! I look forward to seeing more!

  4. The colour scheme looks grand. Sorry I missed the poll :-(

  5. @Godwyn Fischig: Thanks mate! I've been digging the combo, and having the weapon housings in yellow definitely helps me identify who's armed with what on the table easily. Next up after these are done is a Baneblade, gotta get the BIG brushes out. :)

    @Stephen: I appreciate it! The poll is still running, I'm using it as the order-decider for the upcoming projects. First up is the guard, then we'll see what's next after that!

    Cheers guys!

  6. Excellent work, have always loved your Guard's scheme.

    (I still think the orks would have been a better choice though. ;) )