Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Castellax complete! ...Well 99%

Took advantage of another reasonably warm day to finish off the Castellax and get 'em sealed:

Added a bit more gold trim here and there, I'd considered painting the weapon housings in white but in retrospect I'm glad I didn't - think it would have made them a bit too bright. ...And Christmas-y. I'm going to gloss-coat the black faceplate to match the Thallax, but apparently I didn't screw the lid on tight last time I'd used it, and it was a solid gloopy mess. Gotta pick up a new bottle!

Added the cog-tooth pattern to the left shoulder guard to match the Thallax unit from earlier, always nice to have a common theme running through the various units to tie 'em all together!

Oh the ammo feeds. They were most definitely not the right shape to fit straight out of the bags. Mush hot water bending and a modicum of cursing preceded their fitting!

Similar to the left shoulder guard, the right got roman numerals. The scattering of static grass on the base sets off the red and gold on the models fairly well. I wish I'd made the bases a bit more interesting (or had gone with resin terrain bases), but the rest of the Ad-Mech I have are on this style so I'm sort of stuck maintaining the method. Nevertheless, quite pleased with how they turned out! Seems like they have the potential to be rather nasty on the tabletop as well, though I have yet to give them their first trial by fire!

Next up, more Iron Hands...


  1. These are so well done! I thoroughly agree about the grass setting off the red and gold well. It really makes the models 'pop'. The ammo belts look so realistic and I am a real fan of those slight touches of blue here and there. Overall they have such a cool menacing look to them. brilliant stuff.

  2. Stirling result sir! Can't agree on the bases, I think they are fine as is as far as complexity is concerned. Any more detail on them and they'd muddle up the lovely models standing on them!

  3. @Col. Ackland: Thanks mate! I'm really happy to see FW do a re-imagining of the old robots, and am definitely hoping they'll do new versions of the other varieties (conqueror, crusader, etc.)!

    @Dai: I appreciate it! It's often challenging to strike a good balance between too much and too little, I'm glad you like 'em!

  4. They look superb! In particular, the freehand numerals are nice. Great stuff!

  5. I have to agree with Dai on the bases. I think they're fine. After all it's the model we should be looking at the most and they came out great :)

  6. Excellent work as usual dude! Love the color scheme and I'm with you on bringing more robots to the game. Can't ever have enough robots.

  7. @Colonel Scipio: Thanks mate!

    @Musings of the Smurf: Definitely a good way of looking at it. Thanks!

    @Jugger: I appreciate it! Always loved the rogue trader era robots with their fiddly little command flowchart thing, glad to see them make an appearance again!