Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - The rest of the infantry built!

It was a jam packed and fun holiday weekend, and I hope all the Yanks had a great thanksgiving! Finally had some free time to put together all the remaining infantry for the army - There was a surprising amount of it as well, photo barrage inbound!

First up is the unit I was most looking forward to building, the Cataphractii Terminator squad. Fairly straightforward to build, though I would say that attaching the shoulder guard to the arm before attaching the arm to the body does make things easier.

I went heavy on the plasma for the unit, it amuses me to think that the dangers of wielding the plasma weaponry just means the opportunity for more bionics. "Lost another arm, sir..." Two plasma blastguns and four combi-plasmas should be good for winnowing down enemy heavy infantry.

Next up is the Veteran squad, composed primarily of the new Iron Hands Legionaries kit. These models are positively dripping with cog-teeth and detail, and should contrast nicely to the 'vanilla' tac marines. This squad is armed with a pair of melta guns, a combi-melta and a thunder hammer. The Tank Hunters veteran skill is the obvious choice, then!

Next up are some odds and bobs to make up the command models for the various tac squads. The sergeants were built from the Legionaries kit as well, so they match up as veteran sergeants. The Voxcaster and Vexilla were then attached to some regular marines, which gives them a little extra Iron Handedness.

Then it was time to build something big! The Caestus was a breeze to assemble, though there was a fair bit of hot-water-bending required on the assault booms. One they were straightened out however, there's only about ten pieces to the whole model. The wings are attached via a pin-and-magnet arrangement to allow for easier transport - important, as this thing is quite a bit bigger than I'd anticipated!

Of course, if I'm doing the iron hands this was a foregone conclusion...

It was challenging to build, but not the nightmare that I'd feared. This is probably the most beautifully and intricately sculpted model I've ever worked on, I have to admit I'm worried about doing it justice.

The diorama base is a multi-piece affair to which I've attached a few magnets. The pieces lock together surprisingly well, but this definitely makes it secure. On the gaming base, he's definitely a domineering presence!

Now you know I can't leave you without a pic of the batch painting madness! At this point the basic black and iron has been applied to all of the models above (with the exception of the Caestus), which is the heavy lifting pretty much done. Can't let up on the pace though - there's just a little bit more than month left to go before the event!


  1. You're a painting machine! Which is appropriate given the subject matter I suppose ;)
    Will you be using the clan Raukan rules for regular 40k?

  2. But does his head come off to go with the fluff!? ~_^

  3. Yasis - that's a lot of resin! How did you manage to get all this for free?
    I mean, since I remember you state, not too long ago you'd only paint stuff in your closet, to save money :D

  4. @Sheep: Hah! I haven't picked up the Raukaan ruleset yet, but hope to give it a read soon.

    @Dai: Actually, yes it does. I ended up magnetizing it, for laughs (and to make it easier to paint the head). :)

    @Manus: Well... A goodly chunk was paid for by selling off some stuff I've painted recently, but since my job situation has been sorted out, I have a little more discretionary income than I've had for many months. This army was a little splurge to celebrate. Heh.

  5. Droooooooool! Mmmm Cestus assault ram...

  6. @Zab: Indeed! The thing is a brick - smaller than a storm eagle, but easily half again heavier!

  7. Can't wait to see it completed dude!

  8. @Jugger: Thanks man! Cranking away on 'em!