Monday, December 9, 2013

Adeptus Mechanicus - Castellax painting continues

Been fiddling around with ideas for lists for the upcoming Betrayal Weekender in Memphis in mid-January at the Memphis Battle Bunker. Definitely looking forward to it! One of the list options I'm pondering is the inclusion of an Adeptus Mechanicus allied detachment - seems fitting for the Iron Hands after all!

Very nearly done with the Castellax now, just needs a little more gold trim here and there and some static grass. Unfortunately it's been bitterly cold here of late (lows of -12F with the days getting all the way up to a blistering 10F) so they're not going to get a sealant coat (and gloss coat on the black faceplates) for quite a while. Brr!

Been knocking out a bunch of Iron Hands as well, pics to follow soon!


  1. You, sir, need an airbrush. If for nothing else than matte varnishing the figures indoors!!

    They look stellar my friend :). Bringing any of this to Adepticon for the heresy event there?

  2. They look great, digging the red on them!

  3. @Miniature Tim: Aye, I've considered it, but I'm just not sure I would keep up on the cleaning and would end up with a $400 door stop. As far as Adepticon goes, I'm hoping to attend but there's some conflicting scheduling going on that is keeping me from committing. Afraid that by the time I find out yea or nay, the tickets will be sold out...

    @Jugger: Thanks man! Definitely nice to paint some colors other than black and white for a while!

  4. The gold is a very effective colour use.

    Very nice work sir. :)

  5. @Dai: Thanks man! Red and Gold always seems to goes well together!