Sunday, December 22, 2013

Terrain - Bug Hunt Corridors built!

Holy moly was that ever a lot of wood and glue! Spent the last week's hobby time finishing up the build of the Bug Hunt Corridors, which was surprisingly much more fun than I had anticipated. As the sections came together, I just added them to a rambling complex on the hobby table, eventually covering the better part of a 6'x4' area!

Really looking forward to using this set in a game soon, either in a game of Zone Mortalis or in one of our various sci-fi RPG games - seems like it'll be perfect for Rogue Trader or Shadowrun!

For storage, I picked up a good sized plastic tub and spent an hour arranging and rearranging until I managed to find a configuration that would actually hold everything and still be able to get the lid on. At that point I realized that I'd never remember this exact configuration after unpacking it, which was a definite concern!

In order to help things sit flat in the tub, I'd cut a piece of cardboard to more or less fit the bottom, and then did a careful unpack, taking the time to write in the configuration. Job sorted and everything loaded back up in a flash!

Before I packed it up however, representatives from the  Benevolent Cult of the Four Armed Emperor prowled the halls for a bit and they seemed pleased with the new accommodations...

Definitely a nice change of pace to do some building rather than painting for a while, but now I'm itching to get back to the Iron Hands. Just three weeks to go before the event in Memphis!


  1. You've done a cracking job on them, really nice work! How long does it take to pack and unpack? I did something similar for my WW1 game which means it only takes a minute to stand up a game, a definite win if you only have an hour to game.

  2. Well.. that is just awesome. Especially with the Gene Cultists

  3. Very nice! That set looks like terrain suitable for Malifaux, maybe in the bowels of some steam scientists lair..

  4. OK, those things are pretty damned cool. Just in time for 'Nids, too!

  5. I am blown away by this!
    That KS completely slipped by me.

  6. My word those are impressive! Wish I'd had $$$ at the time to have been able to jump on that KS.

    Your packing system is pretty cool too mate.

    (gorgeous Genestealers too btw!)

  7. That's astonishing! I had no idea this stuff existed...

  8. @Colonel Scipio: I'd say it's a 5 job to load/unload, doing the stencils of the pieces is going to save me hours in the future when packing them up!

    @Impcommander: Indeed! I'm already scheming on some scenarios for our Rogue Trader rpg campaign.

    @Matt Ochs: Totally! I saw one fellow who painted his up in a 'steampunk hospital' scheme explicitly for Malifaux, was really cool!

    @Green Stuff Industries: Exactly! I'm scheming on doing an "Anphelion Project" sort of game soon, with all the new nids coming out I'm thinking a small force would be fun.

    @Zzzzzz: Indeed, I'm well pleased with 'em!

    @Col. Ackland: From what I understand he's looking into doing further sales in the future, I'll definitely post up a link when he does!

    @Dai: Aye, luckily it coincided with a time when my hobby fund account was flush. There's been quite a few since then that I had to watch go by and am kicking myself over now!

    @Admiral Drax: The last thing I need is more terrain, but I had to have this set. The house smelled of lovely cut wood while building them too, which was a nice bonus! :)

    Cheers all!