Saturday, December 14, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Cataphractii Terminators Painted

Had a reasonably warm day yesterday and I was finally able to get some models that have been finished for a while now sealed! First up is the unit of Cataphractii Terminators:

The limited palette really worked out well on these guys, as they all have a nice bright blue spot color on the various power weapons and plasma coils. Being vets, I wanted to give them a bit of gold as well, but wanted to keep that subtle.

Not the best pic of the sergeant and plasma blasters, I'll have to rectify that. The sergeant gets a cyber-familar, which boosts his save to an impressive 2+/3++. While I love the reaper autocannons, I found it amusing to have the Iron Hands use a lot of plasma weapons. After all, if it gets hot and blows their hands off then hey - more bionics! Heh. All three got lightning claws as I wanted to get a few swipes in at a reasonable initiative in melee.

In that vein, four of the troopers carry combi-plasmas and power fists. I continued the iron-colored loricated armor on the rear of the models, which matches up with the Mk.III power armour nicely!

The chainfist has always been my favorite terminator weapon, so the unit gets a trio of 'em! To balance out their cost, the models just end up carrying a basic combi-bolter. Pretty pleased with how they turned out, the tall slate basing really makes them rather imposing when compared with the tac marines!


  1. Nice job. I would be interested in seeing the comparison between them and the Tactical Marines. It would be interesting to see both Forgeworld version in a side by side comparison with their "40,000" versions.

  2. Nice! Your production rate is both inspirational and cray cray my friend!

  3. Very nice stuff! Keep at it, you must be getting close to done!

  4. Those are some very stylish models! They look very cool -- between the design and your colors i get kind of a commissar-marine feel on them. Keep up the good work.

  5. Man they looks really cool. Good work!!!

  6. @Anurien: Thanks! I'm going to be doing some army shots soon, will be sure to snap some size comparisons.

    @Jugger: Thanks mate!

    @Zab: Indeed! Only 10 infantry and the Caestus to go at this point!

    @J.D. Brink: Thanks man! Aye, they do have a sinister look to 'em, the cataphractii models are just brutal!

    @The Grim Darkness: I appreciate it!

    Thanks all!

  7. Dour and simple looking, just how Iron hands should be.

    Really good unit mate.