Monday, December 23, 2013

Heresy Era Iron Hands - Ferrus Manus painted!

On holiday break(ish) at the moment which means I have a fair bit of hobby time. After building the bug hunt corridors, I was itching to paint some more Iron Hands but didn't fancy diving into another huge unit. Ferrus Manus it is, then!

I went with the same color palette as the rest of the Iron Hands, though he got a fair bit more gold trim as befitting his status. He comes on a big diorama base, and I enjoyed the opportunity to paint a couple dead Emperor's Children!

I am quite pleased with how his face turned out. As befitting his eventual fate, Ferrus' head was magnetized, which allowed me to paint it separately from the rest of the model. I think his metallic hands/forearms turned out fairly well also - several layers of boltgun metal, silver, and thinned blue washes did the trick!

The model comes out of the diorama base and is mounted on a 40mm base for gaming, and he definitely is a beast compared with a basic marine. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed painting this model, it was hands down the most beautiful sculpt I've ever laid hands on. I was terrified by the prospect of mucking it up, but while it's not a competition paint scheme, I think I did manage to do it justice.

Next up, some overall army shots of the boys in black!


  1. Great work! He'll look excellent on the table leading your Legion. I can't wait to paint one of the FW primarchs.

  2. @Davetaylor: Thanks very much! That is high praise indeed coming from you!

    @Stephen: I appreciate it!

    Cheers, guys!

  3. How do you paint so muchiso quickly? Great job.

  4. YEAHHHHH!!!! He looks great. I need to man up and paint up some of those HH special characters. Right now they are sitting in the "when i get better" pile with my 54mm Twilight knight pin up.

  5. Looks fantastic - I love the head - great work there!

    I'm with Zab - I have all these HH Characters sat around waiting for that 'when I can do them justice' state.

    Echoing the esteemed Mr Taylor, I think he will look great with the legion running at his side - when are we going to start seeing group shots - you must be nearly done by now!!

  6. Wow, very nice! That model is a beast! Looks like it was a blast to paint.

  7. O wow! He looks great mate! you need to give your painting skills a little more credit. I particularly like his face.

  8. Brilliant! What a corker of a model!

  9. @Malduran: Thanks!

    @Zab: I really appreciate it! "When you get better"?! Dude, you are far and away a better painter than I am! I would LOVE to see what you'd do with a primarch or two!

    @Frothing Muppet: Thanks very much! Army pics are inbound!

    @Jugger: Cheers, man! It really was fun to paint, it has just tons of details. I cannot wait to get my hands on whatever FW sculpts for Magnus!

    @Dai: Thanks! Painting the face was really fun - it's far larger than a normal marine head, so I was able to push the shadows and highlights a bit more than I'm usually able to!

    @Admiral Drax: Thanks mate! It really is a great centerpiece for the Iron Hands.

    @Musings of a Smurf: I really appreciate it!