Sunday, December 15, 2013

Terrain - Bug Hunt Corridors arrive!

A while back I pitched in on the Bug Hunt Corridors Kickstarter, and have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. Yesterday, my patience was rewarded and a big ol' box showed up! Spent a little time laying things out and put a couple example pieces together and snapped some pics:

I sprung for the level 3 corridor bundle which is a huge whack of laser cut plywood. I was astonished to see just how well organized the various sections were - each in their own bag, and completely separated and cleaned up. No punching anything out, just unbag and go!

The instructions are phenomenal as well, fully exploded diagrams with detailed build order and suggested ideas for making it surprisingly simple! I decided to build one each of the various pieces to get a feel for the process, as we'll see below:

The ubiquitous straight section. There's eighteen of 'em, that's gonna take a while to build!

Included are the option to add a bulkhead door in the middle of the straight sections, though it's a permanent addition. I plan on doing 4 or 5 of these and leave the majority plain straights.

The set included a trio of corners...

Three "T" intersections...

...And three 4-way intersections. I find the small 'internal' corners to be rather fiddly, and the 4-ways have four of 'em each. This is probably the hardest section to assemble in my opinion.

There's also a wide corridor section, with two connector sections and three wide internal sections which will make a nice big open area.

In addition to hallways, there are also a number of rooms. A trio of 'em that attach to the end of hallways and help close off the open ends.

There are also three sections with a room attached to the side of a corridor...

...and a trio with rooms to either side of the hallway.

There are also a pair of larger cargo bays, which were one of the add-on room options. I quite like this one!

And lastly are a pair of Airlocks which provide access to the exterior of the corridor layouts. Quite looking forward to trying out some Zone Mortalis at some point in the future, though I still have a whole bunch more corridors to build before that!

The sections are significantly easier to assemble than I'd feared, but still rather challenging - you really do have to build them in a a particular order and way. All in all I'm really quite pleased with the results, and I definitely consider this a Kickstarter that did things right!


  1. Wow. That would make for some killer space hulk missions too!

  2. Ver jealous mate, I wanted to pledge for this lot but didn't have the funds available.

    Do you any colour scheme ideas yet.

  3. Oooh. Makes me think that the inside of a Frigate the size of the Eisnestein might be a go-er.

    Did you have Azhanti High Lightening ? That was an interesting deck plan. (and a good game as well !)

  4. Cool - lucky you have so much spare time :-))

  5. @Zab: Indeed - I'm hoping to recreate some of the layouts from the Space Hulk missions book!

    @Sheep: Not sure about painting 'em, for the short term they're just going to remain bare wood. There's so darn much of it that the thought of trying to paint all of it is rather daunting!

    @Zzzzzz: Indeed! Definitely going to try some boarding action style games! Not familiar with Azhanti, I'll have to look into it!

    @Stephen: They actually went together surprisingly swiftly. Once I got the hang of the assembly of the walls, they all essentially go together the same way. Still gonna take me weeks to build it all, I'm sure!

  6. oh c'mon - if anyone can get that lot painted in a reasonable amount of time it's you Joel.

    I can appreciate getting everything in nicely marked baggies - the deadzone kickstarter was just a ton of resin in unmarked plastic bags leaving us to figure out if everything was there :/

  7. @Tristan M: Hah! We'll see how it goes - hopefully a decent primer and drybrush will cover the majority of the painting needs, but there's tons of little details on each piece that definitely warrant some attention.

    I was really pleased with the amount of thought and organization the creator put into it - definitely saves a TON of time when it comes to building 'em!

  8. Wow, these look way more interesting than Zone Mortalis.

    Seems quite the haul sir.

  9. looking at it makes me think you may have been better off painting before assembly - though obviously that is way less fun!

    I can also suggest that some random debris (gonna have to be more careful with your stuff not to interfere with board squares) and weathering powders really brought some similar terrain I completed this year together.

  10. They look fantastic can't wait to see them painted.

  11. @Dai: I thought so too - and at ~300 for enough to cover a whole table, WAY more affordable, too!

    @Tristan M: Aye, you're probably right on that score, but I'm pretty sure I won't get to painting these for a good long time. Definitely agree that prior to painting they'll get some detritus and whatnot to spice 'em up a little more!

    @Uniteallaction: Indeed, I'm looking forward to getting a game in on 'em (assuming I can get them all built in a reasonable time)!

  12. Would you be willing to sell a T-Section and a bulkhead door or door end cap? Fantasy Arc is closed right now and I’m working on a diorama.

    1. Hello, unfortunately I've already sold the whole set a while back. Sorry! You might want to take a look at Black Maria Designs (, they do some excellent corridor pieces!