Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus - Knight Castigator painting begins!

Pretty busy this week with Real Life(tm), however I snuck in some paint time Saturday afternoon and got the main colors blocked in on the Castigator, and got the armour plate secured in place:

In keeping with the general heraldic color scheme found on the two Paladins, I alternated blue and yellow panels - the yellow shoulder pad and shin plate will get the quartered red-and-white-striped motif as well.

I'm still coming up with some fluff for him, but I knew that I wanted his nickname to be "The Bastard Baron". As such, he got the house colors as a bar sinister across his upper carapace, and I'm thinking I'll repeat that on the blue shinguard as well. Cleaned up the metal trim, which will be getting a shiny silver drybrush to help it stand out from the more oily steel undercarriage. All the hoses and gold trim need highlights and shading yet, as does the sword. I'm not totally sold on the alternate blue power-weapon color, I may instead go with the green of the miscellaneous power hoses. Thoughts?

Finally, a pic with the Castigator alongside one of its Paladin squires. So far so good, but lots of work yet to go!


  1. Love it mate. I wasn't sold on the shroud over the helmet but you've changed my mind with some of those angled shots. Again kudos on that posing . There's a real sense of motion going on.

  2. This is unbelievable good!
    Can not wait ringer my hands on one of these.
    Amazing job

  3. Very nice! I love the diagonal split to the colors on the upper carapace.

  4. @Frothing Muppet: Thanks! I was in the same boat when I started putting it together, but once the shoulder pads went on it sort of balanced out the look a bit.

    @Tendence Historique: Thank you very much! It's a really great kit!

    @Zab: I appreciate it, man! Wanted to do something besides the basic quartered scheme for him, seemed to work out pretty well.

  5. Hmm...I think the green would help the power sword stand out from the rest of the model...but then I worry if it would stand out too much (not enough green to pick out on the rest of the model).

    Suggestion: Cut out some paper to cover up the power sword, and paint it green. Tape over current sword, see if it looks good, or if its too standout ish.

    Otherwise model looks great. Love the color split.

  6. Emperor's balls that thing is huge!

    Love the scheme so far though mate. I think the green of the cables for the "power" on the sword would work better.

  7. @Greg Hess: Good call - I ended up trying your suggestion and the green ended up looking a little unbalancing. Really drew the eye away from the rest of the model (in a bad way).

    @Dai: Aye! It's a beast - still wish either FW made it about 75% the size, or the GW one's were about 25% bigger. It's sort of an awkward variance.