Monday, August 18, 2014

Back from GenCon 2014!

I return unkilled from the trip to Indy for GenCon 2014! Had a really fun time catching up with some old friends, we played a bunch of Shadowrun games, ate some tremendous food and had more than my fair share of martinis. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Dave Taylor and Tim Toolen for lunch which was an absolute blast (and full of bacon), and though I wasn't able to get any good pics of their submissions to the painting contest I was thrilled to be able to see their work in person! Had some fun encounters over the weekend as well with various people staying in our hotel - Scott Kurtz from PvP was running a game in the lobby one evening, and I had a quick chat with the guys from Shut up and Sit Down as we were packing up to head out on Sunday. Matt Lees hair IS that gravity-defying in person! I did manage to get a good pic of an awesome Imperial Psyker guy who was staying at the Crowne Plaza as well:

I didn't spend a huge amount of time in the dealer's hall this year other than a few surgical strikes to the Fantasy Flight booth to look for any new 40KRPG books and to pick up the new Conquest card game, which appears to be pretty interesting. Had to tear myself away from the Star Wars: Armada game, as I knew if I started picking up boxes of that I wouldn't have any way to get them home in my luggage. Definitely tempting though once it hits general release! Of course, the next stop was the Forge World booth where I did get a few pics of the new Gal Vorbak models. I don't intend to do Word Bearers, but darned if I don't want a unit of these just to paint up!

Finally got to see the Vulkan model in person and I have to say it is very, very cool. I really liked the coal grey skin effect they achieved!

I scored their last pack of combi-weapons and a trio of event-only models - a Davinite priest, the DKoK commissar and another Navigator for my buddy Dave who was unfortunately unable to attend this year.

I was running low on Mk.II armor for the Thousand Sons, and I still have a few planned infantry units to go. Luckily they still had two sets of Mk.II Despoilers left, which I'll be using to mix-and-match up some more dynamic-looking units of Seekers and Veterans.

After seeing the awesome work that Eye of Error and Dave Taylor have put into their Thanatars, I went in to the booth knowing it was going to be a must-buy assuming they had any left (I wasn't able to hit the dealer hall until Friday afternoon), and was able to grab one. Definitely looking forward to adding it to the force!

...Then Forge World knocked me down and ran off with my wallet. I mentioned to the fellow who was pulling out all the resin goodies for me that I'd planned to use the upcoming Knight Castigator as a Baron for my knight household but figured I'd be safe as it's still a few weeks/months from release. With an evil gleam in his eye he pulled out a box from under the counter:

One sudden sharp stabbing sensation in the wallet later I realized I needed to flee the dealer hall immediately or I'd end up in the poorhouse. The weekend went by in a flash and I'm back to work tomorrow morning. Can't wait for next year!


  1. Awesome purchases! Look forward to their builds! Thanks for the pics!

  2. Forge World sales team has a habit of doing that at events.

    Frankly you got off lightly.

  3. Ah man those Gal Vorbak look good. Thanks for posting the pics. Also, looks like you've got your work cut out for you!

  4. A small fortune spent I see.

    Sounds like a grand time mate, thanks for sharing!