Monday, August 25, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Seeker Squad Tolbek built

I had to take a little breather from painting the knight, and so I brought out the box of heresy bits to see what i could bang together. I'd picked up a set of the combi-weapons at GenCon, so I knew I wanted to build at least one 5-man Seeker squad:

Pretty straightforward - in keeping with the 'las and plas' theme I've got going with the predators, each of the Seekers got a combi-plasma, and Sergeant Tolbek got a power fist and plasma pistol. Cost effective? No, but it looks cool! As they all have a BS of 5, I figured they should get some more decorative bits to represent their more unique status - I went through the bags of Egyptian-themed shoulder pads and was able to come up with enough with an eyeball motif for all of them, which I thought suitable for the specialist unit. I'm trying to decide whether to buy them a rhino, or perhaps put them in a Proteus with an Explorator Augury Web to more safely deliver them to fire upon their preferred target...

After that I took an inventory of the legs I had remaining (always the limiting factor, it seems) and thought I'd do a ten-man plasma support squad, ditch the third pair of robed legs shown above and do a 9-man veterans squad using the torsos, heads and shoulder pads from the Egyptian-themed bits on all of 'em to really give them a veteran look. That does mean  they'll lose out on the second available special/heavy weapon they'd get as a ten-strong unit, but does fit the fluff (TzeentchThe Primordial Creator smiles on units in multiples of nine), and it means I could attach a character of some sort and pop 'em in a Rhino or Land Raider. That being the case I think I'd build them as an assault-y unit, with a selection of the khopesh-style power blades and forego the heavy weapon entirely. I'll have a plasma gun left over from the support squad (for the one-in-five special weapon), and a combi-plas left over from the seekers (for the sergeant), so I can stay with the theme running through the army!


  1. I think we might need an army shot soon!

  2. The frequency at which you pump this stuff out at the quality you do disgusts me...mainly because I CAN'T KEEP UP!! ;)

    They look great my friend :)

  3. @John Stiening: Will do - there's been a number of additions since the last shot!

    @Miniature Tim: Haha, thanks! You just have to content yourself with your award-winning paint jobs, bud! :)