Sunday, August 31, 2014

Heresy Era Imperial Army - Geno Five-Two Chiliad

So as I near the finish line for the Thousand Sons (as the Prospero book isn't coming out for quite some time), I've been considering what my next Heresy project is going to be and I'm scheming on building up a small force of Imperial Army based on the forces in the book Legion - The Geno Five-Two Chiliad, and a tiny allied force of Alpha Legion to accompany them. As most of my projects go, the intent is to do a small 2000 point boutique army. It will become a 5000-point monster in due course. Hah!

Starting off with the command squad for the Geno Five-Two portion of the army, which means I needed a unit of female troopers. Victoria Lamb's Arcadians to the rescue!

I'm planning on doing these ladies up as Uxor Honen Mu and her command squad, and building up a few units of the Jokers led by Hurtado Bronzi using the male variants of the Arcadians - though I'm planning on holding off on the order/assembly of them until the book drops so I know exactly how the units are laid out in the heresy army lists.

They are described as wearing capes so I'll be using the VL camo cloaks as well. From the book it sounded like the Geno didn't have much in the way of heavy tanks, but they do mention that they were outfitted with Centaurs, which is a vehicle that I've always wanted to build but never had a good reason to!

In other news, this is post #499 - Going to have to come up with something fun for #500!


  1. I am also excited to see what you do with the Imperial Army once the list is released. Once those armoured beauties that FW previewed for the Imperial Army are released, I can see this becoming your 5000 behemoth.

  2. I am impresses by the pace at which you crank out models. I would also like to try some imperial troops at some time but I do not think I would have enough time to do a horde army.But I am looking forward to see what you do with these guys.

  3. Sooooo goood. I can barely speak. Keep your eye out for the TGG girls soon too :P

  4. Very cool idea - I like the sound of a Chilead with small Legion detachment.

    When I read Legion, my mind immediately went to the Vostroyan as the basis for the miniatures rather than an (Ar)cadian image - though this way seems infinitely more viable monetary wise as well as for poses on offer.

  5. Nice start! Rather intrigued to see how these guys go, as they are quite the cool regiment anyway. ^^

  6. VL's minis are so wonderfully sculpted.

    Imperial Army is where it's at in HH imo. Can't wait to see this new 5000 point army take shape! :P

  7. @CJ Kilbride: Absolutely! I cannot wait to get my hands on the kits FW showed off at the recent games days!

    @Agis: Thanks very much!

    @Zab: Thanks man! I am kicking myself for not backing that kickstarter, can't wait to see them hit full retail distribution!

    @Frothing Muppet: Thanks! Yeah, I'm there with ya, the Geno Five-Two are described as having a fair bit of furs and such, which I'm hoping to do with a mix of VL bits and possibly some chaos marauder bits. We'll see how it goes!

    @The Prince: I appreciate it!

    @Dai: Totally! I love the VL stuff, and can't wait to get my hands on some more of their kits.

    Cheers, everyone!