Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Remembrancers painting begins

As I'd mentioned earlier, I had it in my head to add the four main remembrancers mentioned in A Thousand Sons to the army (which is intended to be set during the Defense of Tizca). So that meant a rummage through the Closet of Doom to pull out the "oh, that's an interesting miniature, I'm sure I'll use it for an NPC someday" boxes and came up with a couple minis that I think will work for Camille Shivani, Kallista Eris and Mahavastu Kallimakus to accompany the Lemuel Gaumon fig I'd mentioned earlier, and got a little paint on 'em after work over the last couple days:

Still a ways to go of course, and I'm not completely pleased with how the faces have turned out so far, partially they look bad being blown up to 700% normal size I suppose. Still, not as smooth as I'd hoped. For Lemuel, a portly guy in a fez seemed to be just the thing, looking appropriately shell-shocked as he is in numerous occasions throughout the book. Camille is a Chronoscope model, a little cheesecake-y with the bare midriff but I like the sci-fi archaeologist look overall. I'm working on giving her a spireguard's coat just to help her fit in with the army aesthetic. For Kallista I chose a more ephemeral-looking model (though I don't recall who makes it, likely another chronoscope model). Lastly, on Frothing Muppet's advice I managed to unearth an old Witch Hunter henchman in a scrivener harness to use as Mahavastu Kallimakus.

Quite enjoying the minor diversion and chance to use some colors that haven't been in rotation for quite some time! Overall I'm pretty pleased with how they're coming along - still no idea what I'll use them for (likely as wound or status effect markers), but sometimes when a hobby idea enters one's mind it's hard to set aside until its done!


  1. A splash of colour every now and then dies winners for the painting mojo I've always found.

    Looking good mate. glad I could be of assistance with the recommendation. I must admit I have a real fond spot for that mini. It might very well be my favourite mini in the entire GW range or very close to.

  2. It is incredibly awesome that you are painting Remembrancers, & these look fantastic! Great work.

  3. The Purple-cloaked girl is a Privateerpress mini from Warmachine. Some sort of elf sorceress?

    Great use of all these minis though. Do they have stats for in game or are they just to be some extras included to make your army look more authentic?

  4. @Frothing Muppet: Absolutely! These have been a lot of fun - sometimes I just have to step away from the batch painting madness! :)

    @Pawn Cocktail: Thanks very much, man!

    @Dai Aha! No official rules for 'em that I'm aware of as yet, but I hold out hope that FW will incorporate remembrancers into future books! For now they'll just likely be wound or objective markers...

    Cheers, everyone!

  5. These are great, tons of personality!

  6. Good to see someone making remembrancers for their army, those ones especially :)