Monday, August 4, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - King Russ tanks nearly complete!

In between doing chores over the weekend I went back and made the side doors on the two vanilla tanks bone, which I think works pretty well. Also got all the gold on, including (with no hint of exaggeration) over 1500 rivets. Counted when I was doing the last one, 518 rivets per tank! Oof.

Now to decide what I want to do for unit markings. Providentially, the Prosperine Spireguard regiment present at the defense of Tizca were the 15th Prosperine Assault Infantry, so the "XV" also works for them (mirroring the 15th Legion markings I've done so far on the Thousand Sons). Once that's in place I can then go in and start the weathering process - I plan to do all of the Ksons and Spireguard tanks at the same time (which appeals to my batch-painterly predisposition), so that it has some consistency across the army. In the home stretch now!

In the background you can just make out the primed model I'm going to use to represent Lemuel Gaumon, one of the remembrancers mentioned in A Thousand Sons. I'm also planning on working up models for Kallista Eris, Camille Shivani and Mahavastu Kallimakus, to be used as wound markers or status markers for the army. Still sourcing interesting-looking models to use for the latter however...


  1. I feel for those rivets. Ork vehicles are the same way. Rivets...rivets everywhere!

    These are looking fantastic!

  2. So good mate. Been looking on eBay for some but alas no joy.

    For Kallimakus what about the old Inquisitorial henchman that came with the Witch Hunter I think. He has his own in built scrivener harness.

  3. Those look fantastic. Look at reaper minis for those others.

  4. @Courtney Hollyoake: Thanks very much!

    @Da Masta Cheef: Haha!

    @Greg Hess: I appreciate it!

    @Frothing Muppet: Thanks man - me too, I would love to get another trio of 'em! Good call on the old witch hunter henchmen.

    @Zab: Cheers bud! I have my eye on a couple cronoscope models that may work well, and will be scouring the dealer hall at GenCon this year for likely candidates as well!

    Cheers everyone!

  5. These look great! Man, I feel for you with those rivets... I often had the same with the Relictors, I chose to paint any rivets Boltgun - there is over a 100 on a MKIII Iron Armoured Marine!!

  6. @Sigh_Horridus: Thanks man! I hear ya on the Mk3 armor, I shied away from painting the rivets on the infantry - pure insanity!

    @Musings of a Smurf: Cheers bud!

    @Peter Ball: I appreciate it!