Thursday, September 25, 2014

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Feast of Blades is go!

For the last couple years I've had the pleasure of attending Feast of Blades in Denver (one of the many benefits of living in beautiful Colorado) - two years ago I went down as a spectator and got in a pick up game with the illustrious Miniature Tim, and last year my buddy Dave and I went down to participate in the massive multi-day apocalypse game. This year however they're doing a Heresy tournament, so how could I resist taking the Thousand Sons into battle?

The event is set at 1750 points, so after a fair bit of back and forth list-building I've come up with the above. As the Prospero book keeps getting pushed back (recent scuttlebutt suggests that it's likely going to be book 6 or 7 at this point), I'm essentially stuck building a list using the 'generic' Age of Darkness lists. So in order to drive home the fact that the Thousand Sons are the masters of sorcery, what better way to lead off than with a trio of sorcerers! A couple blocks of tac marines backed up with a unit of terminators, plus some Javelin land speeders, a couple Predator Executioners and a Scorpius and I managed to hit 1750 on the nose!

Pulled the models out and snapped a family pic of the army. 1750 doesn't go too far! I'm under no illusions that the army will do well, or be even remotely competitive, but with all the sorcerer's shenanigans, it should at least be entertaining. I figure at least one of them is going to be sucked into the warp every game!

I plan on taking a bunch of pictures while I'm at the event, win or lose it's going to be a fun time - If you are planning on attending Feast of Blades stop by and say hello!


  1. Yeah the points really don't go far in 30k! I struggled to get what I wanted into a 2K game the other day!

    Army looks great though, looking forward to tourney pics

  2. Rivets...rivets everywhere!

    Such a lovely army! The worst (in terms of points), is if you play orks, then go to build another force and wonder why you have so little stuff on the table!

  3. Doesn't looking like much on the table but I bet it's tough and killy - especially with the support tanks there.

  4. @The GunGrave: Totally, lots of tough choices at that level, seems like the game is really designed for 2-3k. Should be fun though!

    @Greg Hess: Hah! Totally. I do love Da Orks, been watching MaxMini's recent kickstarter for "Da Amerikuns" and may have to pitch in!

    @Zab: We'll see, I'm going with mostly buffing-type psychic powers so the three infantry units should have a bit more survivability that one might expect!

    Cheers guys!

  5. I think they look just fine.

    Who needs primarchs anyhow....