Monday, April 4, 2016

Heresy Era Imperial Army - Prospero Spireguard Rotor Cannon support squad

While the Spireguard was initially intended to be a predominantly "Armoured Company" type force (to contrast against the heavily infantry-based Thousand Sons from the previous incarnation of the army), from a gameplay standpoint having only the bare minimum of two troops choices is less than ideal. I'm hesitant to go hog-wild and build a whole bunch of new models however, as I'll inevitably make the wrong assumptions and build a mess of models that won't be viable with the upcoming lists from Inferno (the next Heresy book from FW).

However, I did have a squad of Spireguard armed with Rotor Cannons built with the very basic starter paint job on 'em, and with the weather being so nice I figured I'd finish 'em off over the weekend!

Pretty straightforward to knock them out, and gives the army another Troops choice to hold objectives. While the Rotor Cannons aren't particularly high strength or low AP, nine of 'em certainly drop a lot of dice when fired - sometimes quantity has a quality all its own after all! Now it's just a matter of starting to fiddle with army lists. I have to come up with a 1000, 2000 and 2500 point list for the upcoming event - looks like there's just shy of 3000 points built and painted (granted, 615 points of that is the Stormhammer) so there may need to be some further models built and painted to make up the numbers. I have had a hankering to add a trio of Sentinels to the force...


  1. Nice work! Where are those bases from??

  2. Sentinals would be good, but what about troops transport? All those tanks will leave their infantry support behind otherwise.

    New mini-gun boys look great mate. I need to send you my ACW Reb's to paint - at your painting speed you'd get them done in an afternoon.

  3. Wery nice work, models look wery good. I really like the vickers style machine guns

  4. Wow. That looks like a whole bucket of Dakka dice to throw on the table. Like you say, fling enough (poo) and some of it will stick.

  5. I'm guessing that spireguard will be a trait for the militia, but again both have the imperial army faction so you can combine in a detachment units from both lists

  6. Looking fantastic buddy! Love those cannons!

  7. That's a really good looking unit. Those cannons look very cool.

  8. @The GunGrave: Thanks! I'd ordered them from a fellow on eBay yoinks ago but unfortunately I don't recall the name of the seller. Went back to try and find more but can't seem to find him on there. There's another seller doing Egyptian-themed bases that I'm thinking about picking up though, under the name "elrik198".

    @Dai: Aye - saving up for a trio of Dracosan transports for the three infantry squads! Can't go wrong with more tanks!

    @Jakub Furlanetto: Thanks very much!

    @Zzzzzz: Even with my ham-fisted dice rolling, I should hopefully be able to hit SOMETHING with all these rotor cannons!

    @Francesc: The current rumormill suggests the Spireguard will be using the Solar Auxila army list in book 7, though possibly with some additional unit types. We'll see!

    @Greg Hess: Thanks man!

    @Rory Priest: Hah! Predominately from Australia, actually. ;)

    @Col. Hertford: I appreciate it!

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

  9. First off, I love your Spireguard. I'm trying to make a similar-looking army and I've found most of the bits. I just would like to know, which Perry Miniatures do you get command heads from? I've already found shakoes, but I can't figure out which heads for officers you were using.

  10. @Henry Sackett: Thanks very much! All the heads are from the Perry Miniatures "AN 40 Austrian Napoleonic Infantry" plastic box set. It comes with both the shakoes and the officer helmets (and several others as well). Cheers!

  11. Thanks! I had originally been planning to use "B15 British Napoleonic Riflemen 1808-15" for my standard troopers and "B23 Prussian Infantry Command sprue" for my Company Command Squad, but I may grab that for my trooper's heads.

  12. It's a long shot with a old post like this,but where did you get those guns from?
    Planning a militia force and really like both these Maxim styke "rotor cannons" and the long rifles on the rest of your spireguard, just hope you remember where you got em from! :)

    1. No worries! They're from Victoria Lamb miniatures, the V.E.R.A gun set: