Monday, April 25, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Iskandar Khayon and Gyre painted

To help wash out the taste of the slightly-disappointing rhino escapade, I spent some time last night and this morning and finished up Iskandar Khayon and his daemon wolf, Gyre.

I thought I'd try to split the difference between the Heresy-era crimson and white and the modern era scheme, so his outer robe and helmet vanes got the blue and yellow treatment.

Overall pretty pleased with how Khayon turned out, though I think I may add a yellow flame motif on the back of his cloak to jazz it up a bit more.

While my initial thought was to try a ghostly/spectral greenish white but throughout the majority of the book Gyre is described as being more solid. Never been too good at painting realistic animals, but did some photo research on white wolves and tried my hand at matching what I found, with the shiny green eyes as a concession to her daemonic influence.

Lastly I was able to get some decent light for an army shot of the force I'll be taking to the event at the end of the month as well. Pretty happy with how they turned out!


  1. Loved The Talon of Horus and you've really brought the character to life in miniature form. You should do Neferati next ;) Awesome army shot as well!

  2. Fair play to you good sir for getting the army together in such short order and to such a nice standard as well. I am sure they will look stunning on the battlefield, hopefully it brings you luck.

    I like the look for Khayon and I've been searching my bits boxes to try make a counter point to him. Although a wolf isn't going to happen from my side. I was thinking of putting him as either Black Legion or in the Sons blue.

  3. Sweet army, good Sorcerer and Wolf and love the Lighting the most. Good luck at the tournament.

  4. I can't believe how quick these guys have come together! Khayon and his wolf daemon turned out well. I like the green eyes, looks good.

  5. they look good together like that!

  6. Solid work mate!

    The wolf looks smashing - the green eyes and pink tongue/ear are great contrasts to the pale fur.

    You're going to cause a few sharp intakes of breath with this army I think. Damned cool.

  7. Always love a family photo. The saucer and wolf look good too, although I must admit I have no idea who they are. I'm guessing that the K'son having a deamon wolf is supposed to be ironic (?) Not unheard of in BL publications, just not usually that blatant.

  8. Excellent work! That wolf is very good, can't even see the GS work now. The army shot is great too! Beautiful army!

  9. @zeuso: Thanks! I'm thinking about doing a few more characters from the book in their heresy-era guises!

    @Rory Priest: Thanks man! The character lends itself to multiple interpretations for sure, for most of the book he's in the modern-day Thousand Sons blue, but after that I'm sure he's going to be rocking the black! I look forward to seeing your take on him!

    @Siph_Horridus: Thanks very much!

    @Bronislaw Czevak: It was a whirlwind, that's for sure! Cheers!

    @Zab: I appreciate it!

    @Dai: Thank you! Was kind of fun to paint up a 'real-looking' wolf (and possibly traitorous to my Thousand Sons brethren). :)

    @Zzzzzz: Khayon is the narrator/primary character of "Talon of Horus", a rather excellent novel about the founding of the Black Legion and the beginning of Abbadon's Black Crusades. I highly recommend it - the audiobook is brilliantly narrated, too!

    @Col. Hertford: Thanks very much! Fur is about the extent of my GS skill. Hah!

    I appreciate the kind words, everyone!

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  11. Nice, I would reccomend some templates, sunfury on the ligthning probably
    3 sunfury and 4 kraken would do it if you got the points

  12. Oh My Lord, that bloke is stunning!Go Mord!

  13. @Francesc: Indeed - That's the one thing the army lacks in its current incarnation. Gonna add some artillery to the force for sure.

    @Greg Hess: Thanks very much!

    @Col. Ackland: I appreciate it, man!

  14. Love it! The mix between pre and post-heresy looks great on him! And I love the tie in with the wolf.

    And the army is looking fantastic when put all together.

  15. These figures turned out excellent! Based on the WIP Khayon post I decided to read Talon of Horus... it was great. I'm excited for the next volume.

  16. @Joe B: Thanks very much, man!

    @CJ Kilbride: I appreciate it! I definitely enjoyed ToH, really looking forward to the next one too!