Thursday, April 14, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Bases! Glorious bases!

It is an exciting day on Mordia - the bases that I'd ordered from Dragon Forge Designs have finally arrived! With inclement weather bearing down on us this coming weekend, I hurriedly got them washed and all of the currently-built models glued down and primed this afternoon while the weather was still nice. Really jazzed to finally be able to get stuck in!

Now comes the challenge - On the 30th there's a Heresy event going on up in Fort Collins (about an hour north of where I live) to which I had pretty much resigned myself to taking the Spireguard as they were the only army of sufficient size that I had painted. I'd really much rather take the Thousand Sons instead, which means I have 15 days to get the army completed! On the plus side, if it turns out I fall short of the finish line, I have the Spireguard to fall back on so this is more of a fun personal challenge than a drop-dead timeline.

In order to keep things on target, I whipped up a painting chart for the intended force and here's where things stand as of this afternoon. So, 30 infantry and a pair of Rhinos in two weeks. On your marks, get set.... GO!

In other news I had a chance to go see Iron Maiden this week (Up the Irons!) and I gotta say, for a bunch of guys pushing 60, they can certainly still rock!

Glad I took my earplugs - they rocked out LOUD. Really fun show!


  1. you can do it for sure! My friend saw them in Toronto and got some great pics of their awesome show - he was front and center.

  2. I saw Maiden a few years back and they were so energetic I felt lazy just watching. Those old dudes really know how to bring it.

  3. Listen chief if anyone can do it then you are the man to do it. Just don't worry about pausing to take many pictures. The blog will be here when you are done. Great to see so many of them based.

    Wow that will be a small force though.

    Haven't seen Maiden in years, twas a good gig.

  4. I have faith you will be able to get these done. If anyone can get all those minis done in such a short amount of time it is you :)

    Super envious you got to see Maiden. Would love to be able to go rock out in one of their concerts

  5. A couple of years ago we treated my mate to a 40th birthday treat of seeing Europe's Premiere Dutch Iron Maiden tribute act - Up the Irons. It was awesome fun, they had a couple of Eddie's and everything. Sure there were only about 20 folk in the audience at our local Civic Hall but that meant the band could get off the stage and join us. Had a lot of fun that night ;)

  6. I couldn't help flicking over to you tube to listen to some Iron Maiden lol.
    On the model front, I am sure you are more than up to the challenge!

  7. You are MAD! Good luck on your endeavour!

  8. @Zab: With the fact that I'm about to be snowed in over the weekend (predicting 2 feet of snow), I guess I know what I'll be doing!

    @Mad Mark: Indeed, it was one hell of a show!

    @Rory Priest: Hah! I'll still try to document the process. It's just 2000 points which doesn't go too far in the Heresy. The pair of Land Raiders accounts for a quarter of the points!

    @NafNaf: Thanks man! I definitely recommend going to their show if one comes up nearby - was a great time!

    @Dave Weston: Haha! Nice!

    @Greg Hess: Me too! I'm happy that he's getting so much work, but was a challenge waiting three months for them. Glad I over-ordered up front so I have plenty of extras to work with!

    @Col. Ackland: Thanks man! We'll see how it goes!

    @Col. Hertford: Hah! Aye, ever so slightly mad - I blame all the resin dust! ;)

    Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, everyone!

  9. Maiden still rocking and Axel Rose now front man for ACDC... If the drugs can't kill them!

    I also feel that your goal is well within your ability to achieve. Nice to hear the bases finally made an appearance though.