Sunday, April 24, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Rhinos painted

More frantic painting in preparation for the event coming up at the end of the month, today it's the final two models - a pair of Rhino transports for the Veterans and Tac Marines! I quite like the Deimos Rhino kit from FW, it goes together quite easily (barring a little trimming/sanding required on the side doors) and is a rather nice nod to the old RT-era version.

Started off by laying in the reds, as it's the sloppiest part of the scheme. Figured I'd try and do a semi-reversed scheme on the two Rhinos to differentiate between the Vets and the Tac squad.

The areas intended to be bone colored got a leather brown basecoat, as I find painting the bone color directly onto black tends to look patchy and dull. The brown 'shines through' a bit and give the lighter color a bit more depth.

Next up the bone color was applied. It's interesting that the lighting really blows out the color, it's not nearly as white as it appears in the photos.

Then things start to go slightly awry. The bone color used on the infantry has a wash stage that just doesn't translate well to the large flat planes of the vehicles. Again, the photos are not kind to the Vet's tank, a lot of the streaks and whatnot aren't nearly as apparent in-hand. Curse you, photography!

Once all that was done, the models got a selection of the excellent waterslide transfers that I'd gotten from Fallout Hobbies, a light weathering pass and a final sealant coat. Changing over to the usual photo backdrop brings the colors on the bone and red back down to their more real-world tones, but still makes the ham-fisted wash stage look a lot sloppier than it is in hand. Weird!

Really happy with how the Tac squad's Rhino turned out!

Slightly less so on the Vet's Rhino, but I really do like how the top hatch transfer worked. All in all a passable effort, might try and go back over the bone panels on this one again once I get on the other side of the event next weekend, but for now I consider it table-ready.

Once I get some better light I'll snap off an army shot - it's a little overcast and gloomy today however. Good thing I got these sealed yesterday while it was nice out! With these out of the way, I'm going to get a little reward time in and work on Khayon and Gyre, then it's time to switch gears significantly and get cracking on with a slew of foul Xenos over the next few weeks for the NOVA Open Charity Raffle Army of Orky Goodness!


  1. Nothing wroug with those man.

    They will look great arrayed against your enemies.

  2. Nice rhinos, grubby and battle tested. I like the alternate patterns with bone on red and vice versa.

  3. Also, do you print your own decals?

  4. Those look pretty good to me chief. Looks like you got finished in handy time and all, bravo.

  5. Looks good - if it was me, to calm down the effects of the wash over the bone colours, I would apply a thinned layer of white or the original colour (1:3 paint:thinner) You'll still get some of the wash effect showing through, but it will make it less obvious in the middle of the large panels. You can also then leave it darker in the recesses to crate a bit of contrast.

  6. pin wash with W&N water soluble oils next will make you life easier. Black and brown mixed together. Still looks nice with the other one.

  7. Paint some weathering onto the transfers! They seem a bit clean on the otherwise lovely vehicles! (that's my only suggestion)

  8. I like the weathering job on these a lot, and I don't think the streaking on the washes hurts it at all. The soot and grime would be running down any moisture rivulets anyway.

  9. Great looking pair of transports. I don't think the wash looks all that bad mate.


  10. @Riot ville: Thanks very much!

    @Bronislaw Czevak: I appreciate it! The decals were all from Fallout Hobbies, they can do custom waterslide transfers for a rather reasonable price, and the quality is excellent.

    @Rory Priest: Cheers man, it was definitely a whirlwind of painting!

    @Col. Hertford: Thanks!

    @The GunGrave: Aye - I think the various panels are going to get a going-over once I get on the far side of the event. Good call.

    @Zab: Indeed - In retrospect they really needed to have been pin washed rather than panel washed. Just too much real estate for that method.

    @Greg Hess: Aye, there's going to be another weathering pass on all the vehicles once I get them all done. Planning on some mud spatter and further scrapes and scorches!

    @#2501: Thanks man!

    @Dai: Cheers, they're a bit sloppier-looking in the pics than to the eye it seems.

    I appreciate the kind words, everyone!

  11. Looks sick! Everytime I don't check your blog for a few weeks there's like 20 new posts. Insane man. You're a powerhouse.

  12. @Eye of Error: Thanks very much, man! The transfers you made are working beautifully, will need to order up a few more sheets soon!

  13. I totally feel you on the wash on the white. I've repainted the white parts of my Mentor Legion multiple times to 'fix' the wash mess. I think you saved it pretty well with the rest of the weathering, makes it look more of a worn white covered in the dust of those treacherous wolves!

  14. @Joe B: Thanks! There's definitely going to be a further cleanup stage in the future on these - either that or some SERIOUS addition weathering. Hah!