Monday, July 11, 2016

40k Dark Eldar - Corsair Lord and Haemonculus built

Not as much in the way of hobby progress this past weekend, though it was filled with 40k gaming goodness! Continued on with the Rogue Trader campaign I'm running for some friends on Sunday, and Saturday I participated in the 500pt stage of the escalation league at the Warhammer shop. Unfortunately my opponent's army was unpainted and he had a... liberal interpretation of movement distance and a few of the rules so it was a little disappointing - didn't get any pics worth sharing. That said, a mediocre game is still better than no game, I suppose! I did manage to put together a couple models for the force Sunday night, so it wasn't totally a bust.

Nothing too special here, just an out-of-the-box Haemonculus for the force - he'll accompany the Wyches to provide them with a boost to their Power from Pain turn count, as they desperately need some sort of save for the first turn or two. I have to say I'm very impressed with the way the model was designed, it is really a testament to what GW has been able to do with plastics these days.

I've been intending to do a second squad of counts-as Warriors for the force, the intent of which is to do a unit of Corsair pirates utilizing a mix of bits from the standard DE sprues and the fantasy Black Ark Corsairs. To lead the unit I picked up one of the Dark Elf characters to use as a basis for the Sybarite and put together this model. I'm thinking all of the corsairs will use the full-face helms as they seem appropriate for the space pirate theme!

I'll admit to feeling a bit of army fatigue with these pointy-eared gits (and I've already got the 750pt force painted up for next league day), so I think it may be time to return to the Scions of Magnus for a while...


  1. These filthy xenos scum are turning out most excellent so far.

  2. The Corsair Lord conversion is really good, I love the Dark Elf fleet master miniature, it fits in perfectly with the theme.

  3. Not that I am going to complain with you going back to Thousand Sons but I do want to see the pirate squad. That sounds like it could be very thematic.

    Someone has to be carrying an anchor!

  4. I'm with Rory - Anchor is brand name butter here, so there could be a cop out....

  5. Speaking of your Thousand Sons, one of em is going, sorta make an appearance on my blog soon.


    1. You stole one of his Thousand Sons? You fiend.

      (How did you do it?)

  6. I enjoyed painting that haemy...though I totally screwed up and through he was wearing a breast plate, when it was actually skin. Sometimes it is really hard to pick out the parts of these models which are covered and actually just exposed skin! Have fun with the little organs on the back!

  7. @CJ Kilbride: Hah! Thanks very much!

    @Bronislaw Czevak: Totally - it's a very cool kit to work with!

    @Rory Priest: Saving up for the appropriate bits, not going to be a cost-effective unit, that's for sure! ;)

    @Zzzzzz: Good call! I think there's one in the Black Ark Corsairs kit that'll get used!

    @Da Masta Cheef: Iiiiinteresting!

    @Greg Hess: Hah - I'm in the same boat, just started painting it and it's not immediately apparent what certain parts are supposed to be!

    Cheers, everyone!