Thursday, July 7, 2016

40k Dark Eldar - Scourges painting begins, and it's not bad living in Colorado

Some decent forward progress on the Scourges over the last few days, but first I thought I'd point out that sometimes it's pretty awesome living in Colorado. Over this past weekend some friends and I went down to Red Rocks Amphitheater for a concert, which is hands down the best place to see a show in Colorado, and is often suggested to be in the top 10 best venues in the US, if not the world. In addition to the awesome venue itself, it's surrounded by a beautiful park as well and we generally head down there 3-4 hours before the show and set up for some tailgating and revelry amongst the lovely terrain!

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon/evening! Marinated shrimp skewers, corn on the cob and beef tenderloin over the portable grill, delicious local microbrews, and blueberry pie for afters. What's not to like?

Enough of that Real Life(tm) nonsense though, let's talk little space dudes! Got the purples and whitish-greys done and started in on the silver and gold bits before being driven from the hobby loft by the heat. So far so good though, rather liking the dichotomy between the angelic and daemonic wings, decided all the special weapons troopers would use the batwing style to help pick them out on the tabletop as well. Been rather fun painting up the unit so far, hoping to have 'em done in plenty of time for the next escalation league step!


  1. Oh those look ace. I wish you could get a full set of bat wings and a full set of angel wings.

    I love the shine from the gold as well.

  2. Colorado looks nice. Does that place have concerts in the winter ?......

    And the scourges look great. I know what Rory means, about having either one or the other. The ol' 2nd Ed ones were all bat wings and heavy weapons, which made for interesting tactics.

    Sometimes that 'more interesting and characterful' 1980s stuff is not just about the lead, it was the roolz as well.

  3. Wow that place looks stunning! You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. So awesome they have concerts there too.

    Great progress on those scourge

  4. We have some pretty spots around here, but Tennessee just can't compete with Colorado's scenery!

  5. Now that is a tailgate!

    Scourges are coming along awesome!

  6. @Rory Priest: Indeed - would have like to have 'em all the same wing type.

    @Zzzzzz: It's open year-round but the concert season is usually april-october. I completely agree, there's quite a few old units I wish were still supported!

    @NafNaf: Cheers man, it really is a spectacular place!

    @Da Masta Cheef: Haha! TN definitely has some beautiful spots too!

    @Greg Hess: Definitely worth going the extra mile when tailgating, I say! :)

    Cheers everyone!