Wednesday, July 13, 2016

40k Dark Eldar - Scourges painted, and I'm slightly deaf!

Yesterday evening I was able to go and see the Peter Gabriel/Sting collaboration concert and it was absolutely epic! Both of 'em (and both their bands) on stage at the same time, taking it in turns to do one another's music. Hands down the best show I've seen this year!

As it was a late night and I have a fair bit of vacation time racked up I went ahead and took today off, which afforded me some mid-week hobby time in the morning while it's still cool up in the loft. Took advantage and finished up the Scourges:

They ended up being somewhat challenging to photographs, there's all sorts of focal issues on so many large-ish models at once. Doh! All in all I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, though as usual in taking the pics I noted some various things that need to be cleaned up. Never fails!


  1. Those came out nice for sure bravo. Glad the concert went well and all, not two bands I would like to see but to each their own.

    How is the painting chart for the DE looking? Getting closer to buying new units?

  2. Looking good. Where did you find the image file for the posters you have on the scenery in the background, I'm making more scenery up and could do with more variation in posters.

  3. That show sounds like it would be so good...

    THe winged thingies are pretty damned cool too. Balance alright on those little bases or top heavy?

  4. @Rory Priest: Thanks man - I definitely need to re-shoot them, this pic isn't great. The DE chart is turning green surprisingly quickly, I'll get that into one of the upcoming posts!

    @Bronislaw Czevak: Drop me an email and I'll forward on a couple useful scenery files!

    @Dai: It was a hoot! Aye, they're a little on the topheavy side, I'm thinking about filling in the bases with a little lead shot for stability's sake. In retrospect I think they'd benefit from being on 32mm bases!

    Cheers, everyone!