Saturday, July 23, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault squad and characters painting continues

It's been brutally hot here of late, so it's only been brief forays into the hobby loft after work this week. That said, a bit more forward motion on the Thousand Sons is always a good thing!

After undercoating all the relevant areas in light blue, the whites were applied, the blues were washed down, and the gold and silver areas were picked out. Next up will be the various leather and bone colored areas such as holsters and weapon housings. So far so good!

The three characters got the same treatment, though their work was considerably slower due to all the extra details on the models compared to the basic troopers. Haven't quite decided on the color of the sorcerer's cloak. Going with blue on the interior, but undecided between white with red trim or perhaps black with white/yellow arcane symbols for the outside... Open to suggestions!


  1. Would that be black with yellow symbols or yellow with black symbols ? Or half and half ?

  2. Cracking progress. For the cloak, I suggest off-white with pure white symbols. If the cloak is highlighted up from sand, the symbols can be shaded grey.

  3. That sorcerer is an especially conversion!

  4. Coming together really nicely there chief. Bravo.

  5. @Zzzzzz: Leaning towards black with yellow symbols thus far...

    @Stephen: That's an interesting idea! Will have to try a tester model to give it a shot!

    @Phil Morris: Thanks! Relatively basic weapon and head swap, and the 'casting hand' is from a missile launcher devastator marine.

    @Rory Priest: Thanks very much!

    I appreciate the kind words and input, everyone!

  6. These look great dude, awesome to see some TS love!

  7. Looking sexi mate. You bash this stuff out so well.