Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Heresy Era Thousand Sons - Assault squad and characters nearly complete!

Spent some time laying in the innumerable little details on the various models - the jade green on the various scarabs, various cables and grenades, and the glowy effect on the jump pack exhausts (which I obviously ought to photograph, doh). I think the wings work pretty well once the sergeant is in the squad - the extra color isn't quite so overpowering.

I always like the "laying in the first color on the bases" step in the painting process, it's at that point the models really start to come in to focus for me. Starting to look pretty decent now!

At this point I set the three characters aside, they'll all be finished individually from here on out after the assault squad is finished. Fiddling around with new lists for the NOVA Open now that the new books from Forge World have arrived. Almost every unit I had planned to take experienced a point adjustment in one way or another, but it's kind of fun starting from scratch and taking a fresh look at what will be fun to paint, useful on the table and most importantly, easy to transport!


  1. Good luck with re-jigging the list. Hopefully it won't involve a rush on any other models.

    Everything is coming together nicely there, looking forward to see the bases come in and finish everything.

  2. Point adjustments, but I bet Not far from what you had already come up with. Hope the new lists add the 1k sons flavour you were hoping for. And include glowy green wings. :)

  3. Looking pretty damn good, i think.

  4. Lovely models mate. I'm so used to the metallic scheme of the FW models these are now looking very special in the glorious flat red. The blues and greens work well for the accurments...

  5. Awesome dude, they have come together really nicely. Look forward to seek the army all together :)

  6. They adjusted the point #'s? I just got the new books, but never did any 30k before, so I mainly was just reading through them making sure I want to do emp children...boy the deathguard look nice...

  7. This army is really shaping up. I love the detailing.

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing meeting you and seeing your force. I love the character to add to every model. It makes your armies look like something out of the books.

  9. @Rory Priest: Thanks! So far so good!

    @Dai: Surpisingly significant points drops means I can shoehorn in two entire new units to the force!

    @John Lambshead: Thanks very much!

    @Col Hertford: Aye, the next version of the Ksons might involve the purchase of an airbrush and a go at the red metallics...

    @NafNaf: Cheers bud! Army shot to come soon!

    @Greg Hess: Indeed - quite a few infantry had their points dropped (much needed in certain cases), and several of the tanks got a price hike (also much needed in certain cases). Overall I'm quite pleased with the adjustments. Definitely happy to see you joining the Heresy, man!

    @#2501: Thanks very much!

    @John Stiening: Thanks man! Likewise for sure, really looking forward to meeting you out at NOVA!

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone!