Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adeptus Mechanicus - Warhound Titan painted

One of the spoils I brought back from foreign lands was a Warhound titan - Although I'm not sure if I saved on shipping based on the cost of the plane ticket... Hmm.  In any case, one of the wonderful Fugitives was kind enough to set me up with a custom upper carapace with a resin Machina Opus on it, and I couldn't wait to get started painting. ...And there it sat in a half-finished state for the last month and a half. But no longer!

I'd decided to go with Legio Metallica, as the Gold and Red with Black & White hazard stripes ties in well with the intended scheme for the upcoming Ad-Mech revival army. Some pretty minor conversion work on the rest of the model to add some banner hangers and so forth.

I took a crack at weathering the loincloth banner, and it turned out all right. It was only after the fact that I realized I hadn't trimmed the ragged edge into the banner, but it's going to be pretty tough to trim it now. Ah well. I added the Adeptus Titanicus symbol to the right leg and painted on a scroll with some High Gothic (read as: terrible Google mistranslation) nominally reading "Ride The Lightning". Har! I was exceedingly pleased with the effect on the silhouette the updated carapace gives, it feels a little sleeker without the big spikes. It's definitely a challenge painting something on this scale - now that it's in 'showroom condition' I'm considering going the weathering route on it. I think I'll hold off until I get some more practice in with the World Eaters, however.

In any case, rather pleased with how it's turned out. Now it will sadly just go into a battlefoam tray and not see the tabletop until well after 6th ed comes along. Or 7th, based on how our last apocalypse game was almost 3 years ago... Sigh.

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