Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Angron painted

I had a free evening on Friday and decided that I'd keep right on going with Angron. I also am trying out some new lightbox techniques, which I think helps to capture the right colors and tones.

While the Heresy era World Eaters livery is white and blue, most of the artwork for Angron shows him in red and gold so I tried to stay true to that. Most of the pictures show him with a red triangular tattoo across his forehead and scalp which I attempted to mimic, and I also painted in a few wires from his temples back to a little device on the back of his neck to represent the various psycho-surgeries and aggression amplifiers.

Similarly, along his temple and across his back I painted some scars. It seemed that Angon would bear some lash marks from his time as a gladiator. The axe head of God Tearer and his loincloth got the white treatment to tie him in with the rest of the army, and I added a few extra little flashes of color with the melta bomb and grenades.

Angron towers over our stalwart guardsman, as is only fitting! I also snapped a picture using my old method, and I'm torn. The overall balance and focus is definitely much better with the faux lightbox, but I do like the depths and scale that having the terrain provides...


  1. Wow that was quick! He looks great, I think you have captured the pschopath look pretty well, reminds me a bit of a goliath ganger from necromunda.

    Good job!

  2. ^ He does have a Goliath look to him.

    Freaking awesome Mr. 7's, I love his size and the pose is perfect.

  3. Wow, great model, faultless every step of the way. Very memorable as well, it's a simple pose, well painted, that sticks in your head. Keep looking over my shoulder now expecting to get a big whirry chain axe mace club in the back. Great work!

  4. Hey! Da Boyz wants dat uge' choppa back!!!!

  5. OH! thats hot. The research has paid off- he looks just they way he should! love it.

  6. Thanks very much, everyone!

    @Col. Winterborne/Redscorps - Indeed, in fact I'm thinking about adding a unit of 'cultists' to the army to represent some freed gladiator types, and the old Necromunda Goliath models may be just the thing to use!

    @Colonel_Scipio - My initial plan was a bit more busy than this, and I may yet have another go with a version armed with Gorefather and Gorechild that's a bit more over the top...

    @Da Masta Cheef - Hah! The axehead and haft were nicked from a couple Nobs, the double-headed chainaxe was just the thing i needed. I tried to shave off the more orky glyphs and whatnot however.

    @Col. Ackland - I appreciate it! Definitely tried to capture the feel from the artwork, though he's not quite as heavily armored as some pictures, I thought this was suitable for earlier on in the Heresy...

  7. A very nice conversion! I like how the model is channeling Angron's more "gladiatorial" side. I imagine he might have looked like that shortly after his reunion with his legion, when his memories of "Desh'ea" and the "hot dust" were still fresh.

    One thing, though: While you painted a number of scars on him, you forgot his "triumph rope", a scar snaking over his entire torso. It's described in "After Desh'ea" and is also clearly visible in the BL artwork you posted earlier.

    Apart from that small oversight, great job!

  8. Nice work. The gold on the leg armour ties in nicely with the gold on the shoulders. No extra rivets needed.

    Ron, FTW

  9. Wow that was pretty quick!
    Job well done.
    I really like how he came out.
    Blood for the blood god indeed!

  10. I appreciate the kind words!

    @KrautScientist - I don't think I've read "After Desh'ea", I'll have to track that down. Doh!

    @Ron - I'm thinking about taking another run at the model, this time with the two Chainaxes Gorefather and Gorechild, where he's more armored up - there will be rivets aplenty on that one I'm sure! Heh.

    @Kevin - Indeed, it came together pretty quickly. Then again, it was just one model so it didn't take as long as a whole unit or vehicle. It almost built itself!

  11. No worries! I only read that story about two weeks ago myself and I've been a World Eaters player for quite some time. The story's definitely worth it though: While Angron is *very* true to his name, the story also does a great job of humanising him and explaining his origins and the reasons for his distance from his father, the Emperor.

    A great read and definitely the high points of the (rather lackluster) "Tales of Heresy" story collection, IMHO.