Monday, April 9, 2012

Heresy Era World Eaters - Land Raiders painting in progress, part 1

Got a little more work done on the Land Raiders, finished doing the final highlights on the white and started blocking in the blues.

The first Land Raider got the blue paint scheme shown in the previous post, after which I went in and blocked in al the parts that will be metal in black. Looking at the pics, I do need to go back in and clean up a few areas where the blue and white meet as well.

On the second Land Raider I went with the track housings in blue with the main hull in white, though I don't think this provides enough blue on the model. Two options occur: 1) Paint the side hull sections in blue as well, leaving the door, sponson plate and access hatch in white, or 2) the reverse, paint the door, sponson plate and access hatch in blue. What do you think, folks?


  1. AH, World Eaters. Still got a soft spot for them so wlll be following this closely...

    The main thing I don't like on the original LR model (which I had when it came out all those years ago), is the mounting bar for the lascannon. It always looked rather weak and odd.

    Anyway, I agree the second one definately needs more blue. Hard to say which of the two option would look best. Have you considered splitting the hull? Such as blue on the central hull between the tracks and white on the sides?

  2. Indeed - I replaced the mounting bars on these with brass rod, hopefully it'll be a bit more resilient.

    Blue center hull, might be just the thing. Great suggestion! A lot of the artwork in the Visions of Heresy depicts the World Eaters vehicles being predominately blue, after all!

  3. looking forward to seeing these done, you are going to weather the hell out of these arn't you? I just can't see the World Eaters doing the upkeep on these bad boys when there are more enemies to mow down.


  4. That's the plan - I picked up some of the new mud-colored texture paints GW came out with and will be giving those a shot along with the whole chipped paint look. Should be fun to try out the new techniques!